Cross-border parental child abduction

If you are an international couple and you decide to separate, you or your partner may wish to move to another country in Europe and you may wish to take your child with you. It's important to put the rights, welfare and needs of your child first. nnBefore taking any decision on where you and your child will live, you should stop...think...and take advice from a specialist family lawyer.nnIf you are planning to settle down in a new country, you should come to an agreement with your partner or get a court order before leaving the country with your child. Otherwise it can be considered Parental Child Abduction and you will break the law. Without permission or a court order you may trigger a judicial procedure to return your child immediately to the country where he or she used to live.nnYou may also face criminal proceedings. There are specialist central authorities in each country dealing with children. By taking expert advice you can avoid a potentially stressful, harmful and emotionally distressing situation. nnMake sure your story has a happy ending too.

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