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alugha gives you the tools to be multilingual with just one adaptive video streamed into your viewers language.

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Tailored to your needs:

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You need an image film, a private video or a sound recording translated, transcribed and/or re-dubbed quickly, easily and without having to sign up? Then click here and GO.


Are you a sound/video producer, journalist/podcaster/influencer or do you like to do it yourself and need individual tools such as encoding, translation, transcripts, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, a platform or hosting - or all of them combined? Then create your own plan in the toolkit or use one of our cost-saving all-in-one solutions.


Contact our sales department and you will receive a managed alugha account. We take care of everything for you and you can sit back and relax. You will find your files organized in your account, which you can share with your colleagues and from which you can distribute your multilingual content globally.


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Translate your video or audio file with alugha2go
Quick, directly in your browser, no registration or app needed
Let Science Fiction become reality: Use our unique AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance your video or your podcast with new audio files! It's very simple, requires just a few clicks and is affordable.
Share image films, holiday videos, your influencer content, or you podcast with customers, family & friends in their own language!
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What our customers have to say

No-brainer for video creators!

„Alugha immediately added a new perspective for my videos. Now it will be easy to be an international creator. An amazing use case is for educators.“


Great Product and Team

„It's a perfect tool for your video hosting, multilingual content with CDN distribution, and a lot of other extra features for collaboration and even auto-generated captions.“


This is a money making app! I mean it

„Imagine 1 course (hosted with CDN) Dubbed or with subtitles that you could sell in 12 or more languages. That's 12 times more money in your bank account. This is the way I see Alugha, my money making machine.“


A bouquet of productivity

„My main reason for opting was a reliable video host. However, the more I started exploring Alugha the more it revealed to me as a platform for passionate creators- a world in itself!“


My videos can now reach to small villages

„Imagine in the second largest country with only 10% understand or speak English, a solution like alugha is going to be a game changer for my video creations.“


Want a Global Audience for your Brand?

„Then you'd have to speak their local language! Aside from the universal language English, people tend to watch localized videos more often than watching Foreign ones. Alugha has got you covered!“


Not really comparable

„If you want to have the ability to easily create subtitles in different languages for a Video and share the work with a team in a collaboration-platform, this deal is for you!“


Product Idea and Support is Top Notch!

„I was going to subscribe to Vimeo for hosting videos and for its customizable player. However, when I saw alugha I wanted to try it out. And boy! I am impressed!“


Unleash your videos' multilingual potential and reach a global audience.

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The tool to make your videos multilingual:

The dubbr
Making a video multilingual can be complicated, expensive and might cause quite a bit of headache. If many contributors are involved it can quickly get confusing.
The dubbr is providing a consistent workspace with all the tools to keep transcribing, translating and dubbing as simple as possible. Everything in one single tool, based in the cloud, available world-wide. And the best thing: The dubbr is accessible through all alugha-accounts.
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alugha Toolkit


Let your video take over the world by using alugha as your full blown video hoster. Enrich your already hosted videos with additional audio tracks. Go global with resource friendly green hosting made in Germany.
Green & reliable hosting
Encoding & file transformation
User friendly video uploader
Content delivery network spans 39 cities
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alugha Toolkit


Use the alugha toolkit to create and manage your multilingual video inventory on your own. Or take advantage of our collaboration features to realize projects with a team. Try the alugha dubbr - our online tool to translate, dub and subtitle your video.
Voiceover recording
Language-specific metadata & thumbnail
Subtitle creation & upload
Speech-to-text tools
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alugha Toolkit


Your message knows no boundaries thanks to our platform independent adaptive video player. Skyrocket the visibility of your multilingual video by embedding it on your website and other popular web services like Medium, Twitter and Kickstarter.
Video embedding on your website & popular platforms
Seamless sharing to social media networks
Multi channel audio & UHD video resolution
Community building features
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Ideal for

For your first video experience. Begin with one free video per month.
Small Business
For leaders and mass content producers. Maximize your digital influence with up to 3 audio tracks.
For growing business with a global vision. Enhance your reach possibilities.
For high volume productions. Power your video with unlimited audio tracks and top resolution videos.
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We are

a German company - data secure

Our patented innovations are "made in Germany". Our servers are located in Europe. This guarantees data security and quality.

international, real and live

Our infrastructure is set up globally, so you can access your files quickly and directly in any country. You can make changes in real time anytime.

ecological and quality conscious

All audio tracks and subtitles are provided in a single video file. This allows us to save enormous amounts of space and energy without any loss of quality. By the way, we use 100% green hydroelectric power for our hosting.

progressive for one-stop shoppers

Thanks to our excellent AI and our language professionals, you get everything from a single source, from transcription and translation to voice over. Uncomplicated, cost-effective and top quality.

accessible for more reach

Thanks to multilingual video/audio files and podcasts, you can reach your customers all over the universe. You also get transcripts for subtitles and accessible distribution.

compatible and manageable

You want to use your multilingual content on other platforms? No problem! It can be easily embedded on many platforms with the embed code. That's not enough for you? You can also download the different languages as audio or video and use them elsewhere, e.g. for social media, YouTube, Vimeo.

social and multilingual

On our non-profit platform "Alucation" we provide free multilingual educational videos. We speak ALL languages and dialects and can therefore really reach EVERYONE.

user friendly and a team player

Our solutions provide exactly the user-friendly interface you need. Your team can work together on your projects at any time from anywhere in the world.

award winning

The EU has awarded us as one of the most progressive companies. We have also received other awards such as the TATA Innovation Hub.

Any questions?

Our team is here to make sure you get on the plan that adjusts to your needs and launches you up to success. Get in touch with one of our multilingual video experts today.
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