Child custody and visiting rights across EU borders

Are you one of the many international couples, perhaps living outside your country of origin, benefiting from free movement and the opportunity to study and work in the EU? If you decide to separate, it might become more complex. It is important that your children have a personal relationship and regular contact with both parents, who might no longer live in the same country. By talking with your partner you will be able to agree on important custody aspects such as your children's living arrangements, finances, schooling and visiting rights. If you need additional support to reach an agreement, you can approach an expert mediator, family lawyer or your child welfare authority. If you are unable to agree in this way and you need to go to court, EU rules will help to determine which court is the right one to hear your case. Once the court has decided on parental responsibility, its enforcement will be made easier in any other EU country. For more information and help on making the best decision for all, visit the family section of the European e-justice portal.

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