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Codominance | Genetics | Biology | FuseSchool

In this video we are now going to look at codominance. You need to understand the difference between genotype and phenotype. The genotype is the set of genes. The phenotype are the physical characteristics that are coded for by the genotype. A monohybrid cross is the study of the inheritance of

Inverse Functions | Algebra | Maths | FuseSchool

Every operation has an opposite. With functions the opposite is called the inverse function. It undoes the function and returns you to the initial input. There is a simple process to follow to find the inverse of any function which we look at in this video. 1) Start by writing the function as y=

Moments | Forces & Motion | Physics | FuseSchool

Think of a spanner loosening a fixed nut Or a child on a seesaw Or a door opening around a fixed hinge All of these things are connected by something called moments… A moment is the turning force around a fixed pivot. The pivot is the nut, or the middle of the seesaw, or the hinge. We can have one

Algebraic Fractions | Algebra | Maths | FuseSchool

Algebraic fractions are simply fractions with algebraic expressions either on the top, bottom or both. We treat them in the same way as we would numerical fractions. In this video we look at how to simplify algebraic fractions, and how to add and subtract them. VISIT us at www.fuseschool.org, wh