Bernd Korz
Germany (DE)
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#Entrepreneur #Visionary #Vegetarian. Working @alughaofficial. I love what I do, and I do what I love #Developing ideas and bring them to live. Education is key!
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Steve Blank - written a lot, learned even more

I started working on my own when I was 14 and learned a lot since then. Made many mistakes, had doubts, got frustrated, was happy, did party, was sad, angry, disillusioned. The awesome Steve Blank video series helped me to sort my vision and myself. I didn't write for you, I did it for me... and you

Steve Blank - Find and define your value contribution

The value contribution of a start-up can be seen in different ways. Technological or market-relevant advantages are equally valuable. There are many options for positioning yourself. The only relevant thing is that you define and develop the right value proposition for yourself and offer it to your

Steve Blank - "Nice To Have" or THE feature?

Not infrequently we develop things that seem very relevant to us and also have their momentum. Unfortunately, it is no less common for these things to find their way into a manufacturer's "main product" and thus break down our business base. The "Nice-To-Have" has to become a "Must-Have".