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Why multilingual videos are also important for local companies

Is it necessary to have multilingual videos even though you only operate in a local market?

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Today, it is important to invest your money well in (cost) efficient marketing and sales. So why should you invest money in translation and videos if everyone is “from here” anyway?

It’s a small world and travelling has never been so easy. Yesterday Los Angeles, today Munich and tomorrow Beijing. This statement is bidirectional as we are not only travelling to other destinations, we are the destination for others as well. Some decades back, it was like travelling to another universe when you studied one semester abroad, today it’s almost expected of you. 



You don’t even have to look at metropolises like Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Moskau, Tokio, London or similar cities. You can see the necessity for global thinking and multilingualism in smaller cities like Mannheim, Montpellier, Worcester, Bridgeport, Yanji, Astrachan, Tsukuba and Bournemouth, which are home to universities that attract students from all over the world. At the University of Mannheim over 30 languages are spoken. Besides German there are for example Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Polish… to only name a few. From all over the world, students seek those cities to gain new knowledge and study other cultures. 

And this is where we have to pay attention, because here people like to become ignorant and arrogant and say things such as: “Well, they came to us, so they should learn our language”, or “They can speak English, that’s enough”. Yes, that’s correct and also no, it’s completely wrong. Of course, these people are here for a reason, but don’t we also want something from them? Don’t we want to sell them something? So why not get rid of the language barrier? Why don’t you work with one or two additional languages besides your mother tongue?

The word “mother tongue” is not for nothing. I know this specific language because I grew up with it, it makes me feel safe and sound. I can be sure to communicate and understand easily.

If you look at the relevance of each language, you’ll notice that (in our case) you’ll reach 90% of the population in Germany by speaking German, English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Polish and French. So why don’t you choose the (easy) way and offer a multilingual video and extend your reach - even locally! - extensively?

We at alugha are completely convinced and can also prove with figures, data and facts that the effect is true. We can help you choose the most effective languages and support you with transcribing, translating, dubbing and hosting your video projects. Just send us an email ( and we’ll get to work!

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Bernd and the alugha team! 




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