Multilingual corporate e-learning: the solution for different markets and cultures?

E-learning is a huge topic in companies thanks to new technologies. They are not only changing teaching possibilities in class rooms, but also within companies.

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A prediction on Statista implies that the worldwide market for e-learning will increase to over US $ 243 billion until 2022. Although this type of training is available in several formats (text, audio, graphics, animation), the video content has turned it popular.

According to the portal Edudemic, which specializes in educational technology, 67% of tutors believe that video education is especially effective.

In particular due to the fact that the information transmitted is less abstract and the students have a more practical access to the content. This creates an increased connection to the content and motivation to learn is raised, which in the end results in better performance for the company in general.

Videos can be consumed anywhere at any time, so the consumers are flexible in their time management. If you don't fully understand a subject right away, you are free to watch the video again and again.

On the one hand the popularity of e-learning videos in the corporate world shows a clear interest from companies to connect with each of their employees, on the other it underlines the employees' interest in more flexible and dynamic educational content.

In this case, multilingual videos are an ideal tool, as they can meet different market and cultural needs. In a company with external branches or a huge number of foreign employees, it is vital to standardize the training process to reach all workers.

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