What’s the benefit of using multilingual videos on social media for my business?

Alugha is multilingual! Have a look on how your business can profit from using multilingual videos on social media!

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Data on the most popular social media networks worldwide speaks for itself and shows how important those platforms are for the business world. 





Alugha can help you reach a broader audience as it’s the only tool on the market allowing you to post multilingual videos on social media. With alugha you have one link for your video and you can add as many language audio tracks as you like. We explain in detail how in this article: “How to publish multilingual content with alugha, step by step”.

If you post a video on Linkedin Pulse, for example, you simply copy and paste the link as usual, the video appears on the website and will be played according to the user language preference in his web browser (given that the audio file is available). 

Have you already thought about what this could mean for your business? If the message of a company reaches a much higher number of people and is published on the right platforms, sales can go through the roof very quickly. 

Don’t lose time! Companies and brands are using our technology to reach more people and increase the awareness of their products and services and also increase their success!

Social Networks

Alugha works on LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, Kickstarter, Twitter and other platforms.

We from alugha offer every support you need! From choosing the suitable languages, doing the transcription, dubbing and hosting to the distribution of your multilingual project. Did we raise your interest? Send us an email!

Or create your own account and get started to reach out to the whole world with your multilingual content!

Thanks for your time!

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