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Global reach through the internet and its limits show that digital marketing still needs to be adapted to the target market. But what if a local business could also operate on an international scale?

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The study “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” confirms this assumption and shows that 56% of people in over 10 different countries prefer buying in their own language. In fact, those who speak the consumer’s language are more likely to sell their product or service. 

Depending on the result you want to achieve, English-only isn’t enough anymore. Overcoming the language barrier is already half the battle. We talked to specialists in digital marketing to understand how this is being addressed on different markets in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. 

Demands of different markets

Perla Rossetti, director of Phoenix Media Web, a digital marketing consultancy in the U.S., explains that in the U.S. they address marketing in different languages due to the large Latin-American community. 

With reasonable effort, multilingual marketing can be very helpful in gaining new and loyal customers. “For a company we started a series of campaigns on social media in Spanish, Portuguese and English and reached an economically strong audience that didn’t speak English. Afterwards, customer accounts and orders increased exponentially within 8 months”.

According to the European Union, this continent counts 24 official languages in total. Monika Schulze, nominated as most influential CMO by Forbes, speaks of the importance of speaking the customer’s language, and this is only possible if you listen to your customer. 

There is a demand for adaptation to local culture and market customs in Latin America. But there are also startups that were built multilingually and multiculturally. Stela Wilderom from Bunny Consulting explains that “many of those companies are already operating in more languages than just Spanish, Portuguese and English”. 

In Brazil, there are many companies with international customers and so they have to communicate in multiple languages. One advantage of buying in your mother tongue is, according to Lais Cattassini of Teksto, that the client knows he will be understood in case there is a problem”. 

The question of the most suitable language depends on your strategy and what you want to achieve. Englisch dominates the business world, although there are other languages spoken by many people and therefore they are also important. Arthur Igreja, professor at FGV, explains that the language depends on the niche, your type of service and geographic spread. “I know many companies that focus on Spanish, because it opens markets in Florida and other countries. Although, English dominates the business world, you’ll have to prioritize other languages if you you want to expand your market. 

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