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Highlight your skills with a multilingual application video

Worldwide, videos are used more and more during selection processes because they are easy and practical. Videos open up new possibilities for candidates to also present their skills on social media.

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Companies and candidates benefit from application videos. They enable companies to communicate with a new generation of professionals that grew up surrounded by technological devices. 

Another important aspect is that this way of applying is much easier for both, candidate and company. The candidate doesn’t have to get to the company for the interview and the video can be viewed by several parties within the company, improving the whole selection process. 

The candidates can stand out from the crowd and show that they are fluent in another language. Being able to talk in a foreign language is an ability that can open the door to a job in a subsidiary abroad. 

Fluent English is mandatory in most companies. It’s a skill that makes you much more attractive to potential employers because they know you can work globally and initiate cooperations with customers and suppliers worldwide. 

Luciano Salamacha, professor at FGV and specialist in neurostrategy and management, says, “the ability to communicate with your clients in their mother tongue creates empathy and respect. It goes without saying that this is essential in some sectors such as tourism.

Applying with a multilingual video could open the door to your dream job, because the mother tongue creates empathy with the HR officer and he gets a direct impression of your language skills. 


Linkedin, the most popular social network worldwide for business contacts, is a great option if you want to demonstrate your linguistic skills with a multilingual video. The platform offers access to over 10 million vacancies in over 9 million companies, and 100,000 new articles about business topics per week.


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Don’t lose any more time and create an account for free! If you don’t know how to make a multilingual video yet, read our article about it: “How to make a multilingual video, step by step” or write us an e-mail at:

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