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Social Media Video Release: With this tool your video will hit the market like bomb!

The Social Media Video Release (SMVR) is becoming increasingly popular and essential in PR. Check out our tips for you to make your next video release detonate!

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Estimated reading time:2minutes

As in any field, press services are required to reinvent themselves constantly as a natural process of developing and monitoring new media and new ways of communicating.

In order for the work to continue to be useful and attractive for both traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV) and for digital media (social networks, websites, blogs and news portals), press offices are launching various resources.

And in order to reach this increasingly differentiated audience, the release also changed and became multimedia, thus facilitating the work of journalists from different newsrooms.



Investing in a multilingual SMVR can generate more visibility of your clients on an international level, since your message reaches, wherever your audience is, thus attracting people's attention more easily and increasing the possibility of sharing and consequently the viralization of your content on the global market.

However, when publishing the video release you have to follow some rules!

  • The SMVR is not an institutional video, so the content must be relevant to both the press and its audience.
  • The journalistic format is paramount for your video to be released.
    What's the message?
    Why is this - people, products, items and other aspects related to the news - a message?
    What is the purpose of the message?
  • Your lead needs to be very interesting to grab your audience right at the beginning.
  • When a journalist receives your SMVR, logically he wants to mention the company in the publication. Provide brief information about your business at the end of the video.
  • Put some additional links that refer to your SMVR or finish your video with contact information.
  • The more you can get the journalist's attention, the more likely your content is to be selected.



There was a restriction of advertisements in the newspapers which limited the number of pages and consequently fueled the dispute over publishing spaces. The more opportunities press workers offer journalists, the more likely it is that a particular topic will be published in the press.

Video is the fastest growing content in views. Create a multilingual video release to surprise your audiences and reach the global media! We offer you all the tools you need to turn your release into a multilingual release. Get in touch with us by email, or if you prefer, create a free account! Creating a multilingual video is easier than you think. Have a look at it, step by step!


Until next time!

Wilgen and the alugha team!




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