How to publish multilingual Videos on Pulse using alugha

Alugha is the only tool for uploading multilingual videos to social media. You can add as many audio tracks as you want to one single video. We’ll show you how to use it on Linkedin Pulse!

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Linkedin is the largest social media network for professionals worldwide. With its 500 million users in over 200 countries and territories, the website is perfect for people who want to increase their visibility by using multilingual videos. Whether as a private professional or for the company. 

The fastest growing user groups are students and young professionals with over 46 million users. Most of the 20 million companies and 15 million vacancies (70%) are located outside of the US. 



The network also offers new business opportunities with profiles in every area in over 24 languages. Whether you’re searching for new customers or partnerships, want to scan the profiles of candidates or strengthen your presence on the market. 

By publishing a multilingual video on Pulse with the technology of alugha, professionals and companies can get in touch with potential customers, create space for discussion and give greater credibility to the brand. 

Multilingual videos on Pulse

It’s very easy to publish on Pulse. Click on the “writing an article” symbol . You’ll be redirected to the publishing tool. 

Enter the title into the corresponding field and write your article below. To add a video, you need to click on the “plus” sign on the left side. Now, you’ll need the link to the multilingual video on alugha, which you should prepare beforehand.

At the top right corner you’ll find the “publish” button . After confirming that you really want to publish, the article will be online right away. 

With a multilingual video on Pulse, you can communicate with potential customers, partners etc. all over the world. Now you only need to get to work and turn your videos into multilingual ones! The basic version of alugha is free!

If you prefer, we at alugha can make your content multilingual and take care of translating, dubbing and hosting your videos. Even the distribution of your multilingual project can be done by our team! Write us an e-mail or create an account for free!

Thanks for your time!

Wilgen and the alugha team! 


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