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Digital marketing for startups: four important target groups!

What comes to mind when you think about digital marketing? You should rethink your concept if your answer was publications, social media and newsfeed!

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If you want to be successful in this area, you need to appreciate all target groups. Of course, there's software to help us with it, but in the end it's the people who do the press work and therefore it's fundamental for your company image.

Digital press work is more than posting, social media and newsfeed. A well balanced communication strategy is the base for success, no matter if your targeting your users, external audience or journalists. In this article we'll talk about the four most important target groups in the digital area.

#1 Partners

  • Every company should have a communication channel for their partners to make inquiries or simply have a platform to communicate with you.
  • The opinion of others can inspire your marketing people to new ideas.
  • Personal contact should never be neglected despite all possibilities offered by digital media.
  • Your marketing should know how a press office works so they can respond appropriately to the journalists.
  • Also your partners reflect your brand. This is also why their behavior on social media influences your external image.
  • Your company, marketing and partners should speak the same language to avoid any misperception from your external audience.

#2 Journalists

  • Build a good network of journalists. Speak to them at trade fairs, communication events or via social media.
  • Know the journalists' areas of expertise to offer them suitable subject and content.
  • Publication texts should concentrate on the essentials and have a journalistic structure.
  • Prefer sending your releases to one or two journalists instead of spreading it uncontrolled all over the place.
  • Personalize your email with the name of the addressee and show that you put thought into your selection of journalists.
  • Don't be annoying when checking if the article will be published. Don't call the journalists at unfavorable times like the late afternoon when the editorial office closes or several times a day.



#3 Users

  • It's important to know your users and which audience is interested in your brand.
  • Monitor the profile of your users on social media to learn about their preferences. Platforms, like Facebook, make data available about age, sex and other information about your users.
  • Knowing your audience, you can speak their language and offer content they're interested in.
  • Your content should provide the reader with an advantage. Quality is important in all areas.
  • Your users produce information. Monitor them, listen to what they have to say and interact with them.

#4 Influencers

  • Influencers are ideal promotion partners as they already have a loyal followership for their contents.
  • Successful influencers cannot only be found in fashion or cosmetics, but also in the area of games, pop culture or even marketing.
  • Micro-influencers have less followers, but they are more engaged.
  • A influencer works like an "ambassador" for your brand. Therefore, quality requirements, values and interests should be the same as in your company and brand.
  • Assess what benefits the influencer can offer you and vice-versa.
  • Never send a script or tell them what to say. Respect their creativity.
  • Let him have your product for testing and experiencing what a client would experience.
  • Make a special offer to your influencer's followers.

Although there are tools to make marketing easier, it's still people who stand behind it. Learn to listen to what others have to say. Don't forget that your users produce valuable information and have their own opinion, journalists have a routine and your partners are a voice for your brand.

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Until next week!

Wilgen and the alugha team!


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