Diversity Management: alugha is diversity

If diversity management hasn't been discussed and implemented in your company so far, you definitely should rethink your concepts. Diversity is on the rise and for good reasons!

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The promotion of diversity is not only based on social responsibility. A diverse working environment is good for your business, because people from different backgrounds see things differently and can recognise business opportunities that otherwise would pass by unnoticed.

A study by Forbes states that 85% of companies agree that diversity is essential for promoting innovation and work performance that create an advantage on the marketplace.

Diversity Management

Diversity is a huge topic at alugha and we are proud of our social responsibility. Our team of 35 people not only consists to a large extent of women , but also many different cultures.

Gender diversity for alugha is above all a question of justice and equality. We have 50% woman working in diverse fields, like translation, finances, programming, marketing, video production and design.

We also have a broad base when it comes to cultures. Over 50% of our employees are immigrants or children of immigrants, whereby we can offer our services in over 10 different languages.



Advantages of Diversity Management

You should know that diversity not only promotes innovation, but also increases productivity and turnover and is a benefit for your company's image.

  • Innovation - a diverse team stimulates creativity, increasing the potential of developing new products and services that can attract a more heterogeneous customer base.
  • Productivity - diversity generates constructive and interesting debates and opens space for new ideas and opinions, furthermore, it promotes the ability for teaching and learning. You can filter ideas, develop the positive aspects in the company's best interest.
  • Turnover - A study by McKinsey, in which 366 companies participated, companies (between 15 to 35%), that invest in diversity tend to have above-average turnover.
  • Image - Companies that invest in diversity project a modern image with social responsibility and equality of opportunities. Aspects not only appreciated by customers but also business partners. It helps you to find talents that are willing to communicate and pursue the company's values and objectives.



To work effectively on different markets, it's important to know them well and diversity supports this aim as every foreign employee knows his home country's market first hand. If you want to offer your videos in different languages, alugha is the ideal tool. Create your own account and get started or write us an e-mail for more information.

Alugha is diversity! We are from different countries, speak many languages, have diverse religions and experiences! This is alugha! Everyone's language!

Until next time!

Wilgen and the alugha team


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