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Multilingual videos: an ideal tool to push your business!

Multilingual content is essential for companies aiming to expand their market share and reach of potential customers.

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Selling a service or product in the native tongue is much easier, being the seller and customer will understand each other clearly and therefore the customer can relate to the offered product even more . This is especially true in the digital business world due to the fact that decisions are made very quickly. Multilingual videos are an ideal supporting  tool.

For years, the big players on the e-commerce market have already been applying multilingual platforms which display the language according to the language setting in the users browser. 

Sites, blogs, news, videos, reports, platforms etc. are available in the user's mother tongue to make him feel comfortable and easy to navigate in the digital environment.

Videos shouldn't be left aside in this context due to the fact that this is where the identification on customer's side is the highest. "If they are well planed, executed and distributed, videos can help to multiply the share of the brand or product. To have videos in several languages available doesn't only make it easier to structure your content and create a strategy for marketing and distribution, but also provides better access and understanding of the content with regional expressions and references." says Pedro Mota, director of marketing agency Digital LCP.

The tendency towards video content is giant. This type of content is being heavily preferred. Obviously, its easy to translate text, however, there are more and more intiatives for automatic translation, like Google Duplex which is supposed to translate a video's audio content in real time. "In order for this to happen, the AI still needs training." explains Arthur Igreja, professor for markting at FGV.

Multilingual videos

YouTube currently offers the possibility to add subtitles in several languages to your video. So the user is able to read the subtiles in his mother tongue if available.

Something completely new is a video that automatically starts in your mother tongue. With the technology of alugha you're able to unite all languages worldwide in one video. However, search engines would recognize each audio file as a single web page. This means, on the platform is one single video, but with each audio file that is added, Google will add a web page. By the way, alugha is the only tool on the market which allows you to publish mulitlingual content on social media like Twitter or LinkedIn.

If you want to learn more about our features, have a look at our webseite, write an e-mail, or create your own free account on alugha!

Thank you for your time!

Wilgen and the alguha team!



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