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Learning a new language takes time, commitment, discipline, and money for the lessons. Many people do not have these resources. See how to learn a language without these resources and, at the same time have fun!

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Learning a new language takes time, commitment, discipline, and money for the lessons. Many people do not have these resources. Some people don’t have the time, others don’t have the money or are not committed enough. But how can you still learn a language?

By watching movies! If you choose this option, you can have a lot of fun learning something new without tedious books and with less frustration. However, you should always keep in mind that you watch the movie in order to learn and therefore don’t understand everything immediately.

The first step is choosing the movie. On the multilingual video platform alugha, users can switch the audio track with the click of a mouse. Children’s movies are easier to understand. To start with, you should choose a movie you already know to be able to follow the plot and events.

Watch the movie in your mother tongue first. After that, you can watch the same movie in the language you want to learn. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything immediately. That’s totally normal in the beginning! The most important thing is not losing the thread.

Avoid subtitles. You won’t learn a lot with them because you are going to focus on them and not the language. Focus completely on what’s being said. If you already know the plot, your assimilation will be higher. Your brain starts to make a connection with the language and assign the meanings.

Every time you don’t understand the dialogue or a word, rewind a little and switch to the audio track of your mother tongue on alugha. It only takes the click of a mouse. After that, watch it in the language you are learning. Repeat some dialogues aloud. By doing so, you train your hearing and your pronunciation and better process how the actors pronounce each word.

After some time you will notice that your understanding of the language improved. Don’t forget: practice makes perfect! Regularly try to speak along, this will help to improve your pronunciation and you will learn more and more! All of that without grammar, without written exercises, without having to look up words in the dictionary, without costs and while having fun!

We prepared a couple of movies and shows for you so you can get started:

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the most famous wizard ever. If you’ve already read the books and watched the eight movies, you won’t have any trouble understanding the plot. These works are particularly recommended to improve the British accent.

Game of Thrones

TV shows are better in the beginning since they are shorter than movies, which might have a runtime of 2 hours. A TV show usually consists of several seasons. So you get get accustomed to the way the characters talk, and over time understand faster and better what is being said.

The Hunger Games

The dialogues of this movie are not hard to understand. That’s why it is suitable for those who have started learning a language. If you like action scenes, you will certainly enjoy this movie!

The Social Network

Everyone has heard of Facebook. This movie depicts the platform’s history. It doesn’t only help you understand vernacular and idioms but also understand terms related to technology and the world of geeks since the cast is very young.

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