Let's talk Sergey Golofast

Sergey contributes a little bit to multilingual diversity with the Russian language.

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Briefly introduce yourself: Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Sergey and I contribute a little bit to multilingual diversity with the Russian language.

Which three words describe you best?

loving, loyal, dreamy

What are your tasks at alugha? 

I am the Slavic part of the great multilingual translation/dubbing team.

What guided you to alugha?

After graduating from university (linguistics, language technology), I worked almost exclusively in the translation industry. So I specifically looked for a translator job, because that's what I've been doing well for years, what I enjoy and what I see the potential for self-development in. I hit the jackpot with alugha because I am also interested in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and computational linguistics.

Why do you like being an alughian?

Working on great future-oriented projects and with great people - I think that explains everything.

Where do you see yourself and the alugha in the future?

I see myself continuing to work at alugha in my position, because many people like my voice and I can't take that away from them. However, I would also like to slowly move in the direction of NLP/computer linguistics, because I am very interested in this topic.

What other languages do you speak?

German, English, some Spanish (I lived in Peru for a while, but that was a long time ago).

What can you express better in Russian than in other languages?

Emotions. Yes, Italians are not the only ones who are good at expressing their emotions, but they do it more with gestures and facial expressions. Russians only need three words with alternating prefixes and suffixes, but I won't mention them here, haha.

Is there anything that works better in other languages than in Russian?

I can't think of anything right now. Every language is unique. English has a leaner structure, which perhaps makes things easier. 

Which languages would you still like to learn?

Spanish (because I have almost forgotten everything).

What do you like to do most in your free time?

Travelling, reading, professional development

What sets  Sergey today apart from Sergey 10 years ago?

The slightly more mature version of Sergey.

What is your biggest dream?

I have many small dreams. They are more important to me.

Is there anything else you want to say here?

Get to work!






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