Multilingual into the year 2023

The year 2023 has started and the alugha team wishes you a happy, healthy and successful new year. We also have a tip for you: start your year multilingually!

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The year 2023 can be started and shaped multilingually in different ways. For example, whether privately or professionally, you can learn a new language or refresh your existing knowledge of foreign languages. Or you can make your internet presence multilingual, which also includes offering video and audio files in multiple languages. 

Why should I offer multilingual content?

There are many reasons for offering multilingual content. Many companies today are internationally oriented and already provide content in English and in the language of the location. But English alone is often not enough, because content in the first language is preferred. So if you operate in different speaking countries, you should offer your content in different languages. 

But multilingual content is also a great opportunity on a national level. In Germany, for example, approximately every fourth person has a migration background. There are also numerous autochthonous minority languages. Promoting and preserving multilingualism is a declared goal of the European Union. Multilingual online content therefore makes a decisive contribution to this. 

So how do I make my videos multilingual?

Translating videos and audios into different languages is easier than ever. At alugha, you can simply upload your monolingual video and then magic happens at the touch of a button.

  • You can select voices in your video and choose the languages and dialects you want your video translated into.

  • After that, your video will be transcribed automatically. A transcript is important because it allows you to offer auditory and audiovisual content to people with hearing disabilities. 

  • Then you have your video translated automatically. Machine translation is very accurate nowadays. However, if you want to perfect the translation, you can do it yourself or ask an alughan from the translation team to do it for you. 

  • Now you can either record your video in the new languages yourself, have them recorded by alugha staff or have an AI do it. Synthetic voices are very popular nowadays and they don't sound like robots anymore. Soon it will also be possible to clone your voice in different languages. But that's another story. 

And so your multilingual video is translated. This is very fast and safe.  

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