Han Solo - May the force be with the friendship

For decades, the friendship between Han Solo & Chewbacca has been an extraordinary example of true loyalty. We can learn a lot from them!

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One of the main themes in the Star Wars movies is friendship. Examples are Han Solo & Chewbacca, Peo Dameron & BB-8, C-3PO & R2-D2, or Rey & Finn. There are always times in life where you need someone at your side. Friendship makes us stronger, but also enriches our view and understanding of empathy, love, happiness, respect, character and honesty. 

Even the loner Han Solo has Chewbacca as a friend at his side during his adventures, through ups and downs. They met while Han was working for the Empire. During a mission, he was supposed to kill Chewbacca, who was lying on the ground hurt and unconscious, but he disobeyed the order and was dismissed by the Empire. Since then, he and Chewie have been travelling through the universe as smugglers. 

Han Solo is a survivalist. He only cares about himself, well, except for Chewbacca. But this changes when he meets the rebellions Luka and Leia. Larice Santos, expert in the field of human psychological development, explains that our friends are kind of a mirror of our past and future. Through our friendships we can see our “time table” revealing the aspects we could improve or in what situations we already show a confident attitude.

Han Solo's Life Lesson

The character Han Solo for example, proves that it isn’t possible to get to the top on your own. Without Chewbacca in his Millenium Falcon, he would never have been so successful. “Long-time friends make us emotionally stronger and this is why we like to be close to them”, says Santos. 

In an interview with USA Today, Alden Ehrenreich talks about the relationship between Han Solo and Chewbacca in the movie “Solo - A Star Wars Story”: “Chewie is about 190 years old, so he isn’t a young Wookie anymore. Both characters have strong personalities, so they don’t always share the same opinion”. The character differs from the classic version played by Harrison Ford. “He is more of an idealist with a difficult job, dreaming of a better life with all its adventures. Part of the fascination is seeing Han facing reality and learning some hard lessons”. 

Han Solo proves that there is nothing better than having very good friends at your side with whom to face reality! May the friendship be with all galaxies in the universe!

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