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Über 3100 Minuten an Videomaterial - Über 530 Videos und 8.000 Abonnenten! Wir bei wollen dir nur die wirklich interessanten Dinge zeigen und dir auch helfen, etwas zu lernen. Ob Messen, Mathematik, mobile Betriebssysteme oder Geschichte. Ob Fotografie, Videobearbeitung oder Bildermanipulation, bei wirst du fündig werden und immer etwas neues lernen. Mit "Mein Stuhl - Meine Meinung" haben wir auch ein Stück Politik im Repertoire, denn hier geht es um Zeitgeschehen und unsere eigene Meinung dazu. Dich interessieren auch Urteile aus unseren Gerichten? Wir zeigen in kurzen Videos, was die Richter so geurteilt haben und wie sich das denn am Ende auf dein mögliches Verhalten auswirken könnte, bzw. worauf du in Zukunft besser achten solltest. bringt Klarheit. Du möchtest selbst gerne deine Sachen als Videos bei uns zeigen? Komm in unser Studio und stell dich vor die Kamera! Wir unterstützen dich dabei!
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Absina 11 kW charging cable

Today, we're taking a closer look at the ABSINA type 2 charging cable so that we don't run out of juice on the road. Technical data: Charging power: max. 11 kW Ingress protection: IP55 Output current: 16 A Number of phases: 3-phase High voltage resistance: 2600 V AC Operating temperature: -40 °C .

Mobile garden fence

The forest is taking on more and more character. Now it's time to let the shrubs grow and flourish. To protect them, we bought a barrier fence. In this video, you'll learn what it looks like and how to set it up. Buy on Amazon* : *Affiliate link

Rose Arch assembly

Today, the chicken fence is decoratively complemented by a rose arch. Thanks to its struts, it offers plenty of space and support for roses and other climbing plants. In this video you can see how to assemble it and if the whole thing is stable. Assembly takes about 20-30 minutes and all you need

Planting shrubs

My forest needs insects, and to attract them I need to get busy again. To do this, I got myself a few shrubs I want to plant today. In this video you'll learn how to do it and what you need to keep in mind.

Scheppach DP60

Today is the day ! I have been looking quite a while for a bench drill that offers the right value for money for me. I have found exactly what I was looking for with the Scheppach DP 60 for 169 euros. Technical data: Manufacturer -> Scheppach Manufacturer reference DP60 SE Size - L x W x H -> 350 x

Hot Tub Laz-Y-Spa Honolulu Setup Instructions

I got something cool for my birthday: a hot tub! So I asked myself if these things are any good at all and if they are stable. After all, they are quite expensive! The setup took a solid 45 minutes. Filling it with water using a garden hose took another 1.5 hours. The water had about 24° Celsius d

How to install an infrared faucet

I've been toying with the idea of replacing my old faucet for a while now. In times of Corona, I think it would be super exciting if I could even use it without actually having to touch it. Furthermore, conserving drinking water is very important to me. The solution? A water tap that is "switched on

Homemade Sugar Free Peanut Butter

For type 2 diabetics, eating well is not always easy. You keep finding sugar in almost everything.... Often even in huge amounts. Peanut butter from the store often contains 8-12 grams of sugar per 100 grams. If you don't want to have unnecessary plastic at home and want to make peanut butter the w

Root, fifth and octave - Bobby's bass - Part 9 shows how it's done! Now that we are familiar with notes, the fretting hand and plucking hand, let's continue with some important basics. Today, we are going to learn what a root, a fifth and a concave is. is. We will play them on the strings and learn how to transpose them. H