Six steps to plan your career in 2018

We shouldn’t forget to reconsider our set goals from time to time.

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With the arrival of the new year, Adriana Gattermayr, head coach at Gattermayr Coaching & Training, gives important tips on how to plan your career in 2018 with safety and focus. According to the coach, the tips are valid for people who are searching for a job, looking for a new employer or starting to work for themselves. “The most important thing to remember is that the goals have to align with our values. We shouldn’t forget to reconsider our set goals from time to time. Not because they are hard to achieve but to verify if they are still fit for the person we are”, says Adriana. 

Define your goals

Professionals with goals know where they want to go and what they want to achieve. This way, it’s easier to plan your career, and your short and long term goals. Always remember that your objectives need to match the legacy you want to leave behind and who you really are. 

Start to create a financial reserve

With a financial reserve you can plan better and turn your plans into reality. If a person has no reserve, the options are more limited and it’s possible to feel trapped in an unsatisfying situation. To save money is essential if you want to be an entrepreneur but also fundamental for emergencies. If you have some money on the side, you can decide to leave your unsatisfying job and search for a new challenge more safely. 

Train your resilience

Knowing how to handle unexpected situations is essential, especially in moments of crisis. It might be necessary to be prepared for the challenges to come in your professional life. Practicing your resilience and realizing a change in your behavior is not easy. This is why it’s important that everyone finds his own way to practice this ability. Repeating phrases to yourself in difficult times, when you feel sad or when you want to give up on something, such as “The only people who fail are the ones that don’t try” or “I can’t actually means that I haven’t tried hard enough” can help you to generate more energy and strength to try again. 

Learn and keep up 

It’s important to keep learning and stay up to date. Online courses, MBAs, workshops, courses, and obviously networking are optimal ways to stay up to date because of the exchange with other people. Don’t wait for the necessity to learn more. If new opportunities or challenges occur, you’ll be ready. 

Be open to new partnerships

Life happens in a community, everything is done in a group. This is why you should be open towards new partnerships that can occur. It’s important to stay open-minded and networking plays an important role again. It’s easy to achieve our goals if we meet good and qualified people and create new relationships. Avoiding new partnerships means missing new opportunities.  

Develop flexibility

It’s important to remember that the plan is merely an outline. Staying flexible can open new doors and this is essential for avoiding frustration and for staying in the game. Without planning we just go with the situation, and in the end we can get to a point that isn’t satisfying and has nothing to do with achievement. With outlined goals and plans even if they occur out of the blue - and this will happen - the professional will be prepared to transform them into success and stick to his defined goals. 

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