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Why is online tutoring becoming more and more popular?

Its feasibility, availability and no arising costs in many cases are the main reasons for the digitization of tutoring.

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The digitization of our world is progressing. This trend also becomes more and more common in the areas of teaching and tutoring. More and more children and parents search online for answers to their questions.

There are all kinds of reasons for that: You didn’t pay attention in school, the teacher wasn’t able to explain the subject correctly, you were sick or simply didn’t understand the subject, or you have to relearn the subject for your children after a break of many years.

According to a survey of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, parents in Germany invest 879 million euros annually in private tutoring for their children. They spend 87 euros on average each month for extracurricular education.

Almost every fifth high school student is attending tutoring. The highest demand is seen for math (61%), followed by foreign languages (46%) and German (31%).

Students from financially strong families (15%) - with a net household income greater or equal to 3000 euros - are more often attending tutoring than households with low incomes (12%). The reason for that is usually the financial scope of wealthy families allowing them to afford extracurricular education.

The internet changes this situation and makes education available for everyone, and often without or only little cost! Online tutoring does not only save you money, it’s also convenient. If you didn’t understand the subject at school you only have to look it up on the internet.

The offer is very diverse. Some providers even orient themselves towards the country’s curricula. To illustrate the content, aids such as PowerPoint, animations and chats are used.

Alugha deals very intensively with the topics of education, lifestyle and hobbies. Alugha’s offer on their website is diverse. Math, biology, physics, but also current topics such as climate change, cancer research or learning how to bake can be found on the homepage.


Biology is a natural science that involves the study of plants, animals and humans. Their origins, laws, phenotypes and evolutions. The term biology is derived from the Greek word bios, "life" and the suffix -logia, "study of” and means “study of life”. On alugha, users can learn how organs such as the heart, lungs, eyes and kidneys work.


Physics is also a natural science and involves the study of matter and its motion and behavior through space and time. Based on its findings, physics makes it possible to explain and predict many natural phenomena. The term physics is derived from the Greek word physis or physios which means nature or concerning nature. The field of physics offers many exciting answers to interesting questions such as “what is dark matter?”, “why do we launch satellites into space?” “how fast are you going when you accelerate steadily over a certain period of time?”.


On our website math is explained simply. Topics such as completing the square, the basics of stochastics and probability, Gaussian elimination, quadratic functions, conditional probability and more are illuminated and explained in a simple way so that anyone can understand it.

Learning a language

With alugha, users can not only deal with different topics but at the same time also expand their foreign language skills or learn a new language from scratch because they can easily switch between the audio tracks of the video.


Sports is a top priority with alugha. The user gets a picture of the different types of sports in our region such as tennis, hockey and track and field but also tips on how to stay fit.

Current topics

News, events and relevant topics from Germany and around the globe can be found on our website. Users can find recent findings in research, but also tips on how to stay fit in old age, or how integrating refugees works, and much more!


The term lifestyle involves the modern way of life and the characteristic way of shaping your life. On alugha, you can find many videos on social development, enjoyment and consumption. Even YouTuber Sally bakes with alugha.

Thanks to alugha, all of this content can be “understood” and watched in many different country by many people from all over the world.




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