“The Right Time” - Is there a right time to make our plans come true?

“There is a right time to pick cherries… but there is no right time to dream and live your life”.

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DJ Cosmin’s new song “The Right Time” is a warning to everyone who has plans and dreams for their life but is always waiting for the right time. When will be the right moment? When will you know that the time has come? Do you have your life planned out or do you just go with the flow?

The song is about a true story and the composer got the idea for it while playing the piano with his good friend Marius Antonin Fleck. “Right from the beginning, I had this chorus in my head as if god had placed it there. I created the second version together with friend Adam Kesselhaut. We needed this song to realize that we need to do something first in order to achieve something”. 

The song’s message was reflected in their lives during production. “Although the text had been written years ago, things happened that were written in it. As if the text was magnetic”. 

Message „The Right Time“

“There's a right time for pickin’ cherries. There's a right time for summer and the sea. But, there is no right time to have a baby. There is no right time to get married. There is no right time to dream and live your ultimate dreams. There is no right time to do what you always wanted to do. You simply have to make a choice and take the time for all of that, and suddenly you'll realize that THIS is the right time"

Cooperation with alugha

There are two versions of the song, one handmade and one remix, and there are three voice-overs, in German, English and Romanian. All those versions are available for you on alugha. “Those are the advantages that alugha offers. Multiple languages, several versions, just one link. On YouTube, that’s not possible”, explains DJ Cosmin. 

He has plans for this song and alugha. “I want to do more. Yesterday, I sent the instrumental version to Singapore. I suppose they are going to do a version in Mandarin. Besides, I can hardly wait! ".

The cooperation with alugha began some time ago when the band Q.Age published their first multilingual song “Burning Love” and later “Special People”. Bernd Korz, CEO at alugha and former band manager, helped them to become a multilingual band. 

DJ Cosmin is ranked 36th on Germany's DJ charts. You can find more information on DJ Cosmin on his website and on Facebook!

We at alugha are very excited to hear the new versions!

Wilgen and the alugha team! 




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