Why should companies strive for diversity?

A diverse team is more creative, more productive and creates a very enjoyable working atmosphere, however, for more than 50 years minorities have been demanding equality. This subject is still being ignored by many companies!

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Diversity isn’t a new subject. Members of minorities such as Afro-Americans, lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and transgender (LGBT) have been demanding equality for more than 50 years. Unfortunately, many of those minorities are not respected within their working environment even today. Let’s have a look at the advantages of diversity for companies. 

Diversity within companies doesn’t only affect profits in a positive way, but also the company’s image. A diverse team is more creative, more productive, creates an enjoyable working environment, and has less problems with absence from work and employee turnover. “The reason is quite simple: people who feel accepted despite their individuality, do their jobs better and tend to stay with the company”, explains Chyntia Barcellos, diversity lawyer and consultant. 

A company that thinks about the wellbeing of its employees by creating an open-minded and respectful working environment and also promotes the human rights of the LGBT community, not only supports those people directly but also the people who don’t want to work in a place where discrimination is taking place. 

A respectful and integrative working environment that emphasizes diversity attracts talents who can make a difference. Employees who feel accepted in their individual characteristics and talents are able to tap their full potential. 

Why strive for an atmosphere that respects diversity, is more productive, has fewer absences or employee turnover?

“It’s exciting for employees to work at a place where people respect each other, management supports equality and ethics, decisions are made based on performance, and the diversity and variety of all people involved is appreciated”, clarifies Chyntia Barcellos. 

What are the advantages for companies if they introduce diversity into their working environment?

  • Enjoyable working atmosphere - A very pleasant working environment for everybody is created when violence, discrimination and bad-taste jokes are prevented. 
  • Awareness - Through awareness companies can avoid lawsuits and scandals that could affect their financial results, image and reputation. 
  • Human rights - By supporting human rights, every company can win the sympathies of those who are not 100 % satisfied with the rest of the company’s politics. 
  • Transparency - A transparent and honest handling of critical and conflicting subjects are always a positive and wanted factor. 
  • Integrity - Fair and upright companies don’t do business with people who have no interest in ethical behaviour. 
  • Credibility - A positive image and dedication will give companies more credibility and support in situations where their motives are questioned. 

Who makes money with diversity?

People, organizations, the economy and the whole society profit from diversity if they decide to live it. They expand their markets and rise their ethical standards on which they depend to be effective in the long run. 

More about our interviewee

Chyntia Barcellos is specialized in homosexual rights. She’s a member of the commission for sexual diversity of the Federal Council of the Brazilian bar association, and General Secretary for homosexual rights at the Brazilian Institute of Family Law 

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