How can ideas create my social media image?

“The first impression counts”. Journalist Murillo Leal gives tips on ideas can create your virtual image, and so bring your brand, product or service forward!

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“The first impression counts”. This well-known sentence also applies to your digital reputation. Every professional should concern themselves with it. It’s not just recently that recruiters or curious people research candidates on the internet to find information that can help them decide who to hire.

Throw the first stone if you have never looked up a profile of someone to get to know the person’s character better, or checked out his hobbies, preferences and photos to paint a better picture of this person. It’s a fact that everyone has already talked about someone else on the internet. But why do we do that? To paint a picture of this person! 

Creating a good personal and professional image is connected to reality and credibility. Reality means that a person either has a good or bad reputation. You can’t  just give out a reputation. It’s a process, the result of many interactions. It includes one’s behavior, habits, opinions, ethics, knowledge, skills and competences. Credibility means that a good personal reputation conveys trust to other people. 

Credibility and your personal image make a difference and are crucial for new opportunities. If you have credibility, virtual media can be the first step for new chances in your professional life. Murillo Leal, journalist, speaker and top voice on LinkedIn tells that he received good offers after becoming top voice on LinkedIn in Brazil due to his credibility within this virtual community. “People who know you in person, also recognise you as a professional. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to renew and improve your digital reputation. I myself am a good example for the possibilities of this tool to create a personal and professional image”. 

Create your ideal image

The virtual world reflects reality. Today, you have a huge fluctuation in your contacts and your exchange of ideas on social networks. Therefore, you shouldn’t lack authenticity when you create your image on social networks. You cannot create a public and lasting image without genuineness and legitimacy. People will know if you’re not yourself. A lie has no legs and forced images can’t be kept up for long. 

Companies and people can only bring their brand, product or service forward if they are interested in sharing ideas through their service. “People will only accept your image if they get something in return. Information that contribute to that lead to fidelity. This can make the difference whether or not your products becomes successful”, explains Leal. 

After creating a good image you need to maintain it. The difference between both worlds is how fast your reputation can be built and also destroyed. This can happen overnight. In Brazil, a beverage was able to get a positive brand image after marketing it virally. On the other side, a well-known journalist’s reputation was damaged after a video appeared showing him making racists statements. “Internet is the radical extension of the human being. A court without unanimity”, finalizes Leal. 

About the author

Murillo Leal is journalist, speaker and top voice on LinkedIn with more than 217,000 subscribers. He is also the founder of Staff Digital, a company specialized in corporate education, digital services and consultancy. 

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