6 reasons why a multilingual video is better than a monolingual one

Thanks to its audiovisual character, a video is a very strong medium. Most of the videos found on the internet are monolingual. Multilingual videos, however, are much better. Find out why.

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A video is more than just an audiovisual medium. A video can do a lot: it can entertain, inform, educate and even combine entertainment and education. And this is just that: audiovisual. Young people prefer to inform themselves on video platforms about various topics that concern them.

Now, most of the videos that can be found on the internet at first glance are monolingual. This is not bad, multilingual would only be better. Here are a few reasons why:

1. A globalised world - a global audience

Ideally, a video should reach the entire world. Not all people speak the same language. Nor do all people speak English. A good reason, then, to offer a video in at least two languages.

2. People prefer content in their own language

Studies show that people prefer to watch content in their own language. Another reason to offer videos in multiple languages.

3. Multilingualism is more common than monolingualism

Most people in the world's population are multilingual. Depending on the context, a different language is preferred. The best way to meet these needs is to simply offer a video in several languages.

4. Those who do not understand do not buy

If you want to sell something in your video, it is advisable to do so in several languages. Because people who don't understand the content are less likely to buy.

5. The video is found better in the search engines

Content in the respective national language is easier to find in search engines. For example, a video in German or English alone is rarely found in France. Yet the content could also be interesting there.

6. Education is for everyone

Educational videos are a project close to alugha's heart, because education should be available to everyone, regardless of their social or ethnic background. However, this is only possible with videos in as many languages as possible.


There are many good reasons for a multilingual video over a monolingual one. With alugha, this is also hardly any extra work and not complicated or expensive. But that's another story. 

Start your multilingual video project here.




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