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Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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Sprint #22 - October 26 - November 9

  • Improvement → Remove  "react-slick" dependency
  • Fix → Content-Creation "level" setting does not trigger the form's dirty state

Transaction Level switch buttons

  • Improvement → Payment option adapted in the design
  • Fix → Listen to TTS voice: The player was not reset when changing the voice
  • Fix & Improvement → Error messages in the AI were not passed on to the user interface
  • Fix & Improvement → Reduce number of `Loading...` strings
  • Improvement → As admin there is now a better overview of published articles. We are not going to be serious after all!
  • Improvement → As an admin you can now block user comments directly. Wow, we're getting serious about being serious after all?!!!
  • Improvement → As an admin, you now have a better overview of videos that have just been published so that you can block them if necessary. OK! It's arrived, we ARE getting serious. Well, somehow we've always been buzzkillers, but now it's even easier, sorry..
  • Improvement → Have you been blocked by us? Until now we only displayed a login error, now we communicate this directly and help you to contact us to clarify your issue. Didn't we just talk about buzzkillers and stuff?
  • Fix & Improvement → If a video was whitelisted for one or more URLs, it used to take 15 minutes for it to be set everywhere in the CDN and cache. With the update, this now happens in less than a minute..
  • Fix → TTS was also offered if we did not have a voice for the language. There was still no error message or warning for this. We have optimised this properly.

Sprint #23 - November 9 - November 23

  • Fix & Improvement → If a token expired and you were still logged in, problems could occur. It's all water under the bridge.
  • Fix & Improvement → Our automatic transcription (STT) could be triggered over and over again for a language, especially if this language was not actually supported. What an unnecessary nonsense! Get rid of it! First come... first served and everything else is not!
  • Improvement →  as a producer, I want the export modal to remember the last ducking % setting
    That's a cool update! We are always trying to simplify your flow. If ducking then for every language, right? So why not save the value for the video for each language and set it as a suggestion for a new language?/li>

  • Improvement →   If a user has not yet activated their account but has tried to log in, this could not have worked. We could have simply communicated this.
  • Fix & Improvement → Logged in - logged out - create an account aaaaand there was the problem. You simply couldn't create another account. Now you can create as many as you need and the system no longer grumbles..
  • Improvement →   As an admin you can now set a user account to "Unconfirmed". This helps to send the user a new login token.
  • Improvement →   Unfortunately, there are always users who create an account but do not confirm it. We could of course come up with a few more accounts... But why hoard data corpses? Useless data is also useless rubbish. So that we no longer have to do this manually, all these accounts will now always be automatically removed from the system after 14 days.
  • Improvement →  Deactivate comments and/or views.
    That's a big update!  What!? Ok, now it's getting gross! Imagine you don't want comments under your videos or you don't want people to see how many times your video has been viewed? It works right now!

  • Oh, that's not cool enough for you? Okay, then we'll take it up a notch! You can set this globally for all videos that you now put on alugha. It will look like this:

  • And poof.... as if by magic, the labels disappear from the SVP and you can no longer access them via the URL.

  • Improvement → Export of subtitles now also works as plain text
    That's a big update!  Imagine you make a cool podcast and run it through the alugha dubbr. That way you have a really cool transcript. But there are voices, there are timestamps... lots of cryptic information that would disturb the reader. For such a use case you would need a clean (plain) text. Ok, it arrived! We have optimised the design a bit and this is how it looks now!

  • Improvement → From now on, certain user groups (from influencers onwards) can simply have additional voice tracks boosted to their account.
  • Improvement → Collaborations are now much easier to access directly via the menu.

  • Fix → Fix →Embedding the whitelist often displayed an error if it was not yet cached everywhere via the CDN. This led to the possibility of a legal misunderstanding. We have now finally been able to localise and fix this problem. Anyone who uses the correct URL in the whitelist and then embeds a video no longer gets this display:




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