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This is why your audiovisual content should be multilingual.

The famous idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more true in this globalized world where multilingual communication is becoming more and more essential for companies.

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The expression was first printed in 1921 in the Printer’s Magazine by the North American advertiser Fred R. Barnard and it referred to the notion that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence very easily.

This sentence has changed a lot in the world of media and a study by Forrester Research showed that “a minute of a video is worth 1.8 million words”. For this number, James McQuivery used the number of frames per second of a one-minute video. 

The cool part is that this concept applies to today’s digital era. Social networks have lead people, and consequently organisations, to change their attitude towards this type of media, which has increased the number of shared pictures and videos significantly. 

There are various reasons:

  • Videos are didactic. Complex issues can easily be explained. That’s why DIY videos are so popular on the internet. 
  • The access to videos is easy. Today, you can watch videos anytime from anywhere. 
  • Video production is easy and cheap. Basically, you just need the necessary technological knowledge and a decent smartphone to produce a nice video. 
  • Videos create more engagement. A study by Buzzsumo shows that videos create more likes and are shared more often than any other type of content. 

The facts speak for themselves! Multilingual videos will dominate the internet not only because they overcome any language barrier but also because they facilitate and improve the communication between customers and organisations.


Alugha is the only tool on the market that can make your audiovisual content multilingual! With alugha you can combine all languages in the world into one single video and embed it on your website or share it on social media!

If you want to reach the whole world, alugha can help you to make your audiovisual content multilingual! We support you in choosing the suitable languages, transcribing, translating, dubbing, hosting and even with the marketing of your multilingual project. Just write us an e-mail or create your very own free account on and start producing your multilingual content right away!

Thanks for your time!

Wilgen and the alugha team!




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