This is why tutorials and DIY vidoes dominate the internet.

Online you can find DIY videos everywhere. They'll show how to repair things, household hacks or other life hacks to simplify your everyday life.

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If you have already changed a lightbulb, refurbished an old furniture piece, helped a friend paint his apartment, improvised a barbeque grill or done similar stuff, well... you have already gotten your hands dirty and did it yourself!

"Do It Yourself" (DIY) is a well known and frequently used term in the English language. The concept started in the US in the 1950s, as craftsmen became more expensive, the need for doing little repairs and maintenance at home yourself increased.

This trend has not only created products that are easy to use, but also DIY videos that are flooding the internet for all those people interested in doing more tasks at home themselves.

At alugha we have two multilingual channels that can teach you a lot. We'll show you what's possible!




Householdhacker is a channel focusing on life hacks or fast solutions for everyday problems. But problem solving is not their only purpose, they also like to create useful things out of regular household items. Starting with kitchen hacks, up to tricks how you can get rid of annoying ants or wasps.




Troom Troom is a multinational channel with video tutorials and colorful thumbnails. This channel focuses on tricks and jokes. Home decorations, make-up tutorials and colorful food can not be missing of course.

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