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Have a look at the Netflix highlights in May (2018)

Grab some popcorn, make yourself comfortable on your sofa and get excited about the six new seasons arriving on Netflix this May. The four series “Busted”, “The Rain”, “A Little Help with Carol Burnett” and “Safe” are starting with their first season and “Fauda” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” are already in season two and four. Learn more about these highlights:

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The Rain (May, 04)

Foto: Netflix

The Rain, the first Danish Netflix Original, will be released on May 4th with 8 episodes. The world as we know it has ended. Six years after a killer virus broke out and almost wiped out the whole scandinavian population, two Danish brothers leave their safe bunker to look for other survivors. On their way they find another group of young survivors and together they start searching for signs of life. 

Leaving their past and the rules of society behind, the group is free to make their own rules. However, while fighting for survival they have to realize that also in a post apocalyptic world, personal issues like love, jealousy and many other things are still part of their life, although the civilization is destroyed. 

Busted! (04.05)

Foto: Kim Jin-young (Exoticshop), Hong Sang-won, Jang Hoon-woo / Netflix

Die Serienpremiere von Busted! ist für den 4. Mai geplant und wird 10 Episoden beinhalten, jeweils mit einem besonderen Gast, der ein Rätsel lösen muss. Die Serie verbindet Dramatik mit der Dynamik von Varieté-Programmen und sorgt für Spannung, Rätsel und viel Spaß für die Zuschauer. Die Besetzung weiß nicht, wer das Spiel spielt und welche Rolle jeder in der Geschichte spielt. Alles wird während der Aufnahmen offenbart.

Busted! (May, 4)

Fotocredit: Kim Jin-young (Exoticshop), Hong Sang-won, Jang Hoon-woo / Netflix

The premier of Busted! ist planned for May 4th and the series will consist of 10 episodes, each featuring a special guest who has to solve a mystery. The series combines drama with the dynamics of a variety show. The mysteries are exciting and a lot of fun for the viewers. The cast doesn’t know each other’s roles in the plot. Everything is revealed through the making of the show. Filmed in various locations in Korea, Busted is the first Korean variety show that Netflix produced in association with SangSang.

A Little Help with Carol Burnett (May, 4)

Foto: Netflix

In this original unscripted series starring comedy legend Carol Burnett, kids dish out advice to celebrities and everyday people in front of a live audience. The first season with 12 episodes was produced by Dick Clark. Russell Peters is the co-host and Candace Cameron, Mark Cuban, Billy Eichner, Taraji P. Henson, Derek Hough, DJ Khaled, Lisa Kudrow, Brittany Snow, Wanda Sykes and Finn Wolfhard will appear as guests. 

Safe (10. 05)

Foto: Ben Blackall 2017

After the death of his wife, Tom takes care of his two daughters in a very nice gated community. He is friends with many of the neighbours and a new woman is also entering his life. 

Everything changes the moment his eldest daughter disappears under mysterious circumstances. He realizes that he knows almost nothing about the people in his life. Dark secrets about his hometown and the people close to him are revealed one after another. 

Life partners, kids, lovers, parents and friends - do we really know the people we love? How well do Tom’s friends know him? At the beginning of the story, Tom - being an pediatric surgeon and single father of two teenagers - still grieves for his beloved wife. He is overwhelmed by his new life - taking care of the children and coping with the death of his wife - because his feeling of guilt emerges from very complex moral circumstances: piece by piece new mysterious events from the night of his wife’s death will be unveiled. 

The real reason for Tom’s feelings of guilt uncovers with time. We also learn that, after a fateful night, Jenny bears a secret which lead her on a dark path in search for the truth and which is threatening to destroy the community and whole families. The final payday approaches relentlessly. 

Fauda (May, 24)

Foto: Ronen Akerman Netflix

When ex-agent Doron hears that an assumed-dead Hamas fighter is still alive, he decides to hunt him down and finish the job himself. The series won’t be released in France, Latin-America and Israel. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (May, 30)

Foto: Netflix

The fourth season: Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) had lived within an apocalyptic cult for 15 years when she decided to turn her life around and move to New York to start all over again. 


We hope you enjoy watching these new seasons! Wilgen and the alugha team wish you lots of fun!



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