Alugha Updates | April 2022 - what's new at alugha

Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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Sprint #32 (March 29 - April 12)

  • Fix & Improve → New dubbr Share Modal

    The modal to share things from the dubbr has been updated to include the same options as the share tab on the video page. It now looks like this: Do you like it?

That's a cool update!  Surely you can't wait to share your great video directly with the world. Thanks to the new "Share" section, you can now do it even faster, directly from dubbr! You don't have to go through the video page, but you still have all the embedding options right at your fingertips. You save time and everything goes even faster.

  • Improvement → Remove published subtitles

    That's a big update! Once you exported subtitles for a specific language, there was no way to undo it. Now you finally can! In the language info in the dubbr, right next to the exported audio track, there is now an option to remove the published subtitles. This will not remove subtitles/captions from the dubbr project, only from the player interface video page and/or from embedded videos. Yay!

Sprint #33 (April 12 - April 26)

  • Improvement → Zoom slider in dubbr

    Imagine you have a big project and your timeline is Looooong. Constantly zooming in/out is a bothering thing! Yesterday's news! We have built a really cool slider with which you can now adjust the view SUPER EASILY. 

  • Improvement → Setting the track status of the dubbr timeline view

    One of the important concepts in our alugha dubbr is that you can basically access all the relevant functions from anywhere. The track state was a problematic issue. Until now, you always had to click into the individual languages and change it. Uh what?! Really?! We have now integrated this directly into the dubbr and save you and your team some work steps. Yeah!

  • Improvement → Better oEmbed support

    Yay! alugha is becoming more and more like you! We've improved alugha's oEmbed support to support multilingual titles and descriptions, custom thumbnails and more. See for details on oEmbed.


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