Crowdfunding video - you should do it multilingual!

A good idea on paper is worthless, you need to implement it and the Internet offers numerous possibilities to help you. Crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Catarse, help people worldwide to finance and realize projects. But what's the best way to present your project to potential investors worldwide?

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To reach potential investors for your project, English is not the only relevant language anymore. Solving this problem is a big step in the right direction. For global reach you need to speak more languages and a multilingual video is an ideal tool to do so.

Videos are constantly gaining importance as means of communication and as we all already know "A picture is worth a thousand words".



Here are seven things you should consider for your crowdfunding project:

  • Why should someone invest in your project? This is the first question you should answer. Try to present your project as intriguing as possible.
  • Show what problem you are solving with your product and show it in its application.
  • After catching the attention of investors, you should present yourself. Put yourself in their position and answer the following questions: why should investors trust you? What's your experience? Show how your team works, it is more efficient than describing it in words.
  • Let the investors know what they get for their investment. It can be something simple, like a shirt or a key chain. For larger projects investors should be offered the product before market release.
  • The lighting and quality of your video are very important. Prefer a bright and quiet environment for recording your video. To ensure good quality, invest in a good microphone and film your footage in high definition, even smartphones can manage it.
  • Be as natural as possible in front of the camera. Extreme attitudes don't help you very much. Be yourself and make your message as clear as possible.
  • According to Statistic Brain, people on average watch 2 minutes and 42 seconds of a video. Your most important message should appear in the first 15 seconds to catch the attention of your audience.



Alugha is the only tool on the market that allows you to make audiovisual content multilingual! You can unite numerous languages under one link and publish it not only on your website, but on all social networks for crowdfunding!

If you're planning to achieve a global reach with your project, alugha can help you with it! We'll help you chose suitable languages, make a transcript, translate, dub and host your video until it is marketed. For more information write us an e-mail or create your account and turn your video multilingual right away!

Thank you for your time!

Wilgen and the alugha team!



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