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Sprint #28 -  February 1 - February 15

  • Fix & Improvement → aiTransaction collection does not seem to have an index (on ownerId) on production.
  • Improvement → Charging symbol wasn't centered.
  • Fix → Optimized security in some areas.
  • Fix & Improvement → Minutes for AI was calculated monthly and this caused problems with the annual payments. Now it works.
  • Improvement → Remove trailing and inner silence from TTS audio data.
  • Improvement → Unify TOS / Privacy accept UX.
  • Improvement → Debbung on the Kju server was optimized significantly. 
  • Fix → No more error when deleting a video from the watchlist. 
  • Fix → Sometimes the dubbr froze when you didn't add a voice before creating the first segment.
  • Fix → You now can save empty watchlists. 
  • Improvement → New data base for the dubbr.
    Thats a Big Update! With this update we have reached a whole new level with alugha and the dubbr! We have a performance boost of up to 10,000 % ! No joke. We are now able to process hours of video with tausends of segments very fast. 
  • Improvement → As a user I want to have meta data for my subtitles. 
    Thats a Big Update! So far, everything on alugha was focused on audio. On the video pages the meta data only changed when chose another audio language. But now, this also changes when you change the subtitle language. A huge step for inclusion and internet without barriers. 

Sprint #29 -  February 15 - March 1

  • Improvement → Kju error logs show only "undefined" as message.
  • Fix & Improvement → Some users couldn't verify their mail adress. This shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  • Improvement → Kju metrics increment the job-enqueued gauge twice if a job is retried.
  • Fix → Removing dubbing segment recording fails.
  • Fix → Switching a track in the text editor causes hard override of subtitle segments.
  • Fix → Generate-subtitles in Kju is still referring to the Mongoose subtitle segments.
  • Fix → Add Content-Security-Policy for frame ancestors to SSR.
  • Improvement → As alugha, we want to show that the appsumo deal is sold out.
  • Improvement → As a producer I want to know about the default brand based on producer data.



  • Improvement → We made it easier to downgrade your account to the Beginner plan.
  • Improvement → Remove audio files being too short/too long from TTS dataset.
  • Improvement → Remove duplicates from merged TTS data.
  • Improvement → Split TTS data into training, validation and test dataset.
  • Improvement → Merge audio data and text data for TTS model training.
  • Improvement → Train the TTS model.
  • Fix → When I add the video in the slide to my watchlist, the watchlist name does not disappear even if I click outside.
  • Fix → Styling issue with Select in white theme.
  • Fix → When deleting a single item from your activity history, the confirmation dialog has layout issues.
  • Fix → When opening the dubbr, the state from the last use is not recovered.
  • Fix → When adding segments to a very long video the timeline can be too zoomed out to see the template segment.
  • Fix & Improvement → Adding multiple newlines in the texteditor is still possible.
  • Fix → "Change" button on hovered thumbnail in video info needs a different icon and margin.
  • Improvement → Different data types for monetary values on Producer Payment Tab.
  • Fix → Page indicators for the producer watchlists view are out of sync.
  • Improvement → We optimized the whole payment process.





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