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Alugha Updates | March 2022 - what's new at alugha

Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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Sprint #30 -  March 1 - March 15

  • Fix → Maintenance jobs don't run consistently anymore.
  • Fix & Improvement → Hide blocked users from the public.
  • Improvement → As an admin, I want the option to unblock an article.
  • Improvement → As an admin, I want the option to unblock a video on the SVP.
  • Improvement → Share videos starting from a certain timestamp.
    Thats a Big Update! Sometimes you want to share a certain point in a video, which is now possible on alugha. Just add “?time=XXX" (replace XXX with seconds) to your URL. So if you want to share a video starting from minute 1:32, you'll need to add ”?time=92". 
  • Fix → ProducerWatchlistCard causes setState while rendering.
  • Fix & Improvement → The check-out website had some design struggles but now it works fine. 
  • Improvement → The player now remembers that you muted your video.
    Thats a Cool Update! This means, if you start an new video the player stays muted and you don't need to mute it manually anymore.
  • Fix & Improvement → Your cursor will no longer disappear from your screen when you scroll to the right in the dubbr timeline.
  • Fix → Switching between watchlists (in edit mode) breaks video list UX.
  • Fix → Adding videos to an "open" watchlist breaks watchlist content display order.
  • Fix & Improvement → We removed the delete button in the side-by-side editor for subtitles.
  • Fix → Importing of YouTube videos is optimized.
  • Improvement → Now there is a wizard in the dubbr.
    Thats a Big Update! The dubbr… welcome to the next level. We will update the wizard regularly beginning with transcriptions. 

Step #1:

Step #2:

Step #3:

Step #4:


Sprint #30 -  March 16 - March 29

  • Fix → There have been problems with the correct audio language in the player using the dubbr. It now plays the right language again. 
  • Improvement → As an admin, I want boosters to be able to expire after the set term length.
  • Improvement → As a user, I want to be able to cancel without having to pay at least once more.
  • Fix & Improvement → Search filter in language selection doesn't work for whitelist.
  • Fix → Dubbr STT languages support link is broken.
  • Fix → Fix `ESP` typo on the press resources page.
  • Fix & Improvement → Audio length mismatch warning shows before video (or audio) is available.

  • Fix → Property type mismatch in `VideoInfo`.






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