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Alugha Updates | May 2022 - what's new at alugha

Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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Sprint #34 (April 26 - May 10)

  • Fix → If a collaborator had a long name, it did not look nice in the invitation list.
  • Fix → The timeline in dubbr has overlapped the alugha menu.
  • Fix → alugha2go had some problems translating the language names. Huh what? Really???
  • Improvement → If we're going to offer Turkish and Italian in our services, let's do it properly, shall we? Here and there it needed a little more attention to detail in the translation.
  • Improvement → As an alucation visitor, I want to be able to search
    That's a BIG update! It's hard to believe that we are working so hard, make thousands of videos in several languages, give away knowledge.... And then? NO POSSIBILITY TO SEARCH???? Ok yeah we have been really focused on alucation itself, but from now on you can search for special videos in alucation.


  • Improvement → alugha2go now also provides the VTT files in the projects.
  • Fix → In alugha2go handler the track asset is not refreshed after a track video has been generated
  • Fix →  Selecting ducking does nothing in alugha2go
  • Fix → Users could no longer simply cancel their subscription. A small bug crept in.
  • Fix → When a video is published from the YT import, the duration is kept as 0 in Redux.F
  • Fix → The recorder in the dubbr hung from time to time. Do you believe that? We kept asking it if it was ok, but he was really messing with us on that, so we just fixed it.
  • Fix →Dubbr recorder segment has empty space in non-Mac FF
  • Improvement → As a2go user I want the option to import my video in the dubbr
    That's a BIG Update! From now on, you can transfer all your videos that you have created with alugha2go directly to your own account and continue working on them!

Sprint #35 (May 10 - May 24) 

  • Fix → As a user, I want to stay logged in if I regularly visit
  • Fix → alugha2go can't be used with alugha videos
  • Improvement → We have some really cool stuff, so we were like, hey, we could update our landing page and change some sections.
  • Fix & Improvement → Unlisted Videos could potentially get indexed by search engines
  • Improvement → BYE BYE you crap browser :) IE 11 is a thing of the past and what can you say when people still use it? Old love doesn't rust? Love-hate lasts forever? Dude get over it and throw out the rubbish, we did.
  • Improvement → Scrolling in dubbr can be a challenge with large projects. Different systems have different operations. Zooming is not as easy as many people think, so we have implemented a zoom slider.

Sprint #36 -  May 24  - June 06

  • Fix → alugha-player crashes if audio track is accessed immediately after change
  • Fix → Authentication doesn't work accross alugha subdomains properly
  • Improvement →When you enter a URL in alugha2go, the page now scrolls directly to the next step.
  • Improvement → If you export your media assets from dubbr, the file name is based on the video name.
  • Improvement → We now have a plan booster for watchlists.
    That's a cool update! We have some customers who really go all out with watchlits and want to pack 50 or more videos together in a watchlist, with the individual planbooster up to 100 videos per watchlist are now possible.
  • Improvement → When an alugha2go project is completed, the mail notification is now also sent in localised form.
  • Improvement → If you use alugha2go for your videos and already have an account with alugha, the video is immediately moved to this account for further editing.
    That's a cool update! Sounds unspectacular, doesn't it? But imagine you think the dubbr is for you like "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut" or you want to get a project off the ground very quickly and optimise it later. alugha2go provides the perfect bridge for this with this new function.

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