A tribute to voluntary work

Today is Recognition Day. At alugha, we would like to pay tribute to all people who volunteer. In addition, we would like to introduce you once again to our voluntary work.

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In general, volunteering is understood to be an altruistic, unpaid activity. 

Because of this altruistic attitude, voluntary work is usually perceived positively. People in need of help benefit from the helping hands, and those helping can broaden their horizons. Some also act out of a sense of social responsibility, others to reduce feelings of guilt or for understanding. In fact, many volunteer positions are essential. An example of this is the use of volunteer fire brigades in rural areas, or volunteer ambulance services. On the other hand, volunteering as such is also criticised, as some people think that a welfare state should take over all the tasks that volunteers do.

Voluntary activities are diverse

Voluntary activities can be manifold. Examples include volunteer firefighting, medical volunteer ambulance services, managing and distributing volunteer in-kind donations, disaster relief, childcare, homework supervision or even entertainment, working in associations, to name a few. In some countries, some voluntary activities are highly regulated and licences are required for voluntary activities. An example of this licensed voluntary work is the United Arab Emirates

Just as varied as the voluntary activities as such, are the organisations that offer voluntary positions. These can be private companies, associations, schools or religious organisations. The latter cover many volunteer positions, especially in the USA. 

Digital volunteering

At the latest since the pandemic with its contact restrictions, digital online volunteering is also becoming increasingly popular. This can be done entirely or partially from a computer and can also be diverse. This includes, for example, voluntary online tutoring or other learning opportunities. There are now numerous platforms where people can get involved, too.  

Volunteering at alugha - Digital Volunteering with Language

You also have the opportunity to volunteer at alugha. At the moment, many people have to flee Ukraine. At the same time, many want to help these people. We want to offer children some education and entertainment. So if you speak Ukrainian or Russian, you can help us translate our videos. Or maybe you are a content creator for children and would like to provide us with a video for translation. Then please contact us at lena.maier@alugha.com

We thank you very much. Chapeau!

Your alugha team 








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