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Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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Sprint #26 -  January 4 - January 18

  • Improvement → In the /export of subtitles is now formatted exactly as it would look in the video. Line breaks are now also taken into account..
  • Improvement → The AI is now part of the API and can be used by partners.
  • Improvement → If my audio length does not match the video length, I am now warned.

  • Improvement → Create a list of potential services that the user can buy in addition.
  • Improvement → Bye Bye Facebook Data Theft! As of now, login via Facebook is no longer available. YES! That's really good!
  • Fix & Improvement → There were some problems with the YouTube import for very specific videos (hush)
  • Improvement → Remove non - essential cookies…  Remove NON - ESSENTIAL cookies…
    That's a cool update! Yes, I'm repeating myself there. Your data does not belong to be misused. It's enough when Google and Meta push this so shamelessly and with great criminal energy! We don't store anything we don't need. We are "cookie purists", so to speak!
  • Fix → Cookie Concept Banner kept popping up after a reload. Oh no! MOVED AWAY! :)
  • Improvement → Train waveform generation model. So much work in-house, we want to give something back to our users in the AI soon :)
  • Improvement → Allow NATS server instance to be shared between alugha instances
  • Fix & Improvement → Sometimes the "overlay" windows in FF were no longer readable if you had a small display. We have polished up the Responsive stuff.
  • Improvement → Make the TTS training progress and its statistics more transparent. Ahhhh! And another throw at AI training... sussed :):)
  • Improvement →Make redis database number configurable
  • Fix & Improvement → The language selection box for automatic translation somehow got used to a quirk.... It didn't fit in the window anymore. Not enough exercise, Corona... I don't know! We assigned her a personal trainer and now she fits in again :)
  • Improvement → Some translations were still hardcoded
  • Improvement → Compile text corpus for TTS model training. And on we go with TTS :)

Sprint #27 -  January 18 - February 1

  • Improvement → In dubbr, active segments depend on the zoom factor. This creates more clarity.
  • Fix → Some articles from the archive still had the URL of the old alugha system and could no longer be accessed.
  • Fix & Improvement → Links to other archives could somehow sneak into the archive, but of course they were not visible to users because they do not have access rights to them (homework done... but not thought through to the end, what a shame!).
  • Fix →In the trash you could scroll the warning. Really now? A one-liner :)
  • Improvement → Something got lost here and there in the mobile layout. It now looks smart again..
  • Improvement → From now on, videos with the MXF format can also be uploaded to alugha.
  • Fix → The sorting of the video resolution could get mixed up in the player. Hey, in line and in order
  • Fix →Oh Apple.... Suddenly some audios could no longer be played in Safari. Once again, Mr Cook didn't let us know that the boys and girls had changed something.
  • Fix & Improvement → The Side-By-Side Editor doesn't need countless empty lines! Yes... we'll slap you on the wrist or... Well, we'll just fix it for you afterwards.

  • Improvement → Kju job dependency handling
  • Improvement →Yeah, our Marketplace (your alugha Cloud) got a few strokes. You will now only see YOUR files.
  • Fix → In the article editor the image upload was somehow stuttering. A slap on the back of the head and it worked again.




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