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Alugha Updates | October 2022 - what's new at alugha?

Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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Sprint #45: September 27 - October 10

  • Fix --> We updated knowledge base pages for AI translation, speech to text and text to speech to list the proper language code (and updated general table formatting). Great!
  • Fix --> We fixed a bug where on some pages the navigation would not show.
  • Improvement --> The dubbr audio download is now listed in the features table on the pricing page.
  • Improvement --> When having selected a branding in the video share UI, you can now specify a custom colour that will override the brand colour, instead of having to choose between either a brand or a custom colour. That's a nice update! alugha is getting more user-friendly.
  • Improvement --> When publishing a podcast on Spotify/AppleMusic, we automatically adjust the thumbnail of the podcast to the (square) format required.

  • Improvement--> On the user settings page you can now define a default whitelist configuration that will be setup for any newly created video.

  • Improvement --> You can now do text-to-speech per segment from within the dubbr Recorder, allowing you to easily experiment with different AI voices. That's a cool update! Having so much fun with alugha.

  • Improvement --> Unavailable videos are now properly shown when editing a watchlist, instead of silently hiding them.

Sprint #46 (October 11 - October 24)

  • Fix --> Text to speech operations failed if the language had a language code that was longer then 5 characters (for example SPA-418). What?! That was a nuisance, wasn't it?
  • Fix --> We fixed alignment issues with Plan cards on the pricing page. Another nuisance has passed. Great!
  • Fix --> We fixed a problem where sometimes the text to speech modal got stuck in an endless loop. More nuisances fixed! Great!
  • Fix--> We fixed a generic error popping up without any reason on the alugha2go page.
  • Improvement --> We removed the scroll hints on the landing page. It is better now, isn't it?

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