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TED-Ed video: How to translate

Correct translating made easy!

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Estimated reading time:1minute

Almost everyone of you has already seen a TED-Ed video! And (hopefully) almost everyone of you has already seen a multilingual alugha video! Today, we combine both - TED-Ed explains in English how to translate correctly, and we make the video multilingual for you! 

Translating is the meat and potatoes

The TED-Ed video explains what everyone should already know: translating is important, and the translations have to be one thing above all: correct! Furthermore, it’s not about translating everything literally, but rather conveying the meaning of the text. Nothing is worse than incorrect translations, be it syntax, spelling or punctuation. Correct translations are worth its weight in gold because you can reach the whole world with them. Indeed, English is the world’s language, but some people are not very good at it - that’s why we of alugha are your heroes of multilingualism :-) 


We have already made several TED-Ed videos multilingual for you and we have also introduced the platform of the explainer video producer. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and is a platform for every content worth sharing; be it science, psychology or everyday topics important to us. TED Talks, the platform’s best videos, are freely available and particularly popular. 

The presented video is important for all of us, and it shows that translating is not so easy because many aspects have to be considered. The video goes into detail about all the unwritten rules and it contains guidelines for a correct translation. Without a doubt, it’s a good example of correct translations, and you can learn a lot from it!



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