Neighbourhood festival in the skyscraper

New York City, the city of skyscrapers. Buildings that reach up into the sky, countless flats and countless floors in just one building. How many people might live there? And what languages they speak? Let's imagine a neighbourhood party in a skyscraper...

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Let's start by saying that New York, like many cities in the United States of America, is a melting pot where cultures and languages meet. So who could live in such a skyscraper?

The Smith, Baker and Scott families live there and, like half of all New York residents, speak English as their first language. Almost all neighbours understand English, which is why the neighbourhood festival is also held in this language. 

The Garciá and Gómez families also contribute to the language diversity in the neighbourhood. They speak Spanish, as do about 24% of New York's population. Spanish is spoken by both Hispanic-American residents and migrants from the Iberian Peninsula. A smaller minority of these same Hispanic speakers also speak Spanish-based creole languages. 

In other flats, but in far fewer, there are families who speak Mandarin, French (including French-based creole languages), Italian, Korean, Yiddish and many other languages. 

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Have fun at the neighbourhood party in the skyscraper. 





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