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Today is Graphic Designers' Day. This wonderful professional group is of course also represented at alugha. They are responsible for all the beautiful designs we have. To learn this profession, you need one thing above all: creativity. And that's what today is all about.

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Creativity is mostly associated with the visual or performing arts. However, creativity is interdisciplinary and encompasses many fields. Today, however, we'll be devoting most of our attention to our graphic design team. Our social media designer Alessia answered a few questions about her creative profession. 

Hello Alessia, have you always been this creative? Please tell us.

I have always been creative since my early childhood: I did handicrafts, painted and decorated my clothes. I was also exposed to many forms of art as a young child. My aunt was a painter and I was always fascinated by what she painted. I have always admired people who could express and communicate their feelings to others through their art and design. 

Have you completed any apprenticeship or studies in this field?

I have completed an apprenticeship as a graphic designer.

And why did you decide to start this profession?

Good question, next question, haha....

"Choose a profession you love and you won't have to work a day in your life"-- that's what my dad used to tell me, even though he didn't invent this saying. But what I want to say is that I chose this profession because it makes me happy. I have tried many things: Saleswoman, waitress etc.... I also did many internships until I realised that everything was monotonous and boring for me. I wanted to do something that made me happy and gave me pleasure. So I decided to do professionally what I was born to do.

What brought you to alugha as a creative?

I read the job advertisement that said: "At alugha you don't just work, you turn your hobby into your profession here". That made me curious and I did some research and found everything incredibly interesting and fascinating. So I thought to myself: Yes, I want to be part of it! (laughs) I really wanted to work in a start-up and I'm glad that I was given the opportunity here.

And what is it like to be creative at alugha?

Amazing! I wanted to work in a start-up so that I could be creative and implement my ideas. The freedom to do this and the young dynamic team gave me the energy to do so. Besides, as an employee you feel like you count more. You are not just employee number 1000, but you are part of the family and have the opportunity to get to know different areas: marketing, translation and social media - and that makes everything so exciting.

What do you think you need to be creative (at alugha or elsewhere)?

I can't answer that exactly because everyone is inspired in different ways and has their own way of being and communicating ideas. The world is beautiful because it is diverse - they don't say that for nothing, haha.

How important is design in a company?

Very important ! The corporate design is the appearance of a company. It is its identity and creates a recognition value. In Italian there is a saying: "Occhio vuole la sua parte!" ("The eye eats with you!") This means that the appearance of the food is also decisive in determining whether something tastes good to us or whether we feel like eating it. 

Thank you for your answers, dear Alessia!

Creativity in the brain

It is a myth that persists but has long since been disproved: it is not true that our two brain hemispheres are so one-sidedly specialised that the left hemisphere is more responsible for logic, the right for creativity. In truth, creative work in the brain is complex. There are many different brain regions active, nerve cells and hormones. All of this must go hand in hand and be networked. However, neuroscience is also of the opinion that creative people are more easily distracted than less creative people and are also more likely to perceive external stimuli and then integrate them into their process. 

Are you creative? Do you work with images? Or with language? Or with videos? Then start your creative project here. Thanks again to all our creatives!


Your alugha team






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