Press release: alugha at the Middle East Education Thought Leadership Forum

The Middle East Education Thought Leadership Forum takes place from the 25th until the 27th october, where alugha will be speaker and bronze sponsor, which will be a special mile stone for spreading knowledge through the middle east

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One of alugha’s greatest mission is to spread knowledge throughout the Arab world. Another milestone will be set by being speaker and  bronze sponsor at the Middle East Education Thought Leadership Forum by Gulf Conferences, the first and largest educational event focusing on the middle east, which will take place virtually from the 25th until the 27th October 2021, in order to bring together every member of education, government, corporates, enterprises and professionals. 

The aims of this forum are to understand the global context of higher education for the coming decade and to understand its implications and opportunities. A further aim is to enable ministers to review their strategies in the context of their visions and the contribution of universities to the achievement of these strategies in the Middle East. Besides, main topics are disseminating the use of modern technologies in higher education, the internationalization of university education and the possibility of benefiting from it in the Arab world as an entry point for achieving global leadership for universities. Beyond those goals, another main topic is the development of the  digital transformation of the higher education sector in the time of covid.

The Middle East Education Thought Leadership Forum will be led by Ministers of Education and Quality Assurance Leaders to help to address policies related to online education. Furthermore, the event is helping companies reach out to larger markets in the middle east.

As a bronze sponsor at the event, alugha will get meetings with companies of its choice. The meetings will be noted and the results will be monitored, as well as follow ups before and after the meetings will be done in order to ensure results and achievements. 

“With this cooperation and the combination of - by us already thousands of translated videos - alugha is taking the next big step towards the Arab world and global access to valid educational videos.”,  said Bernd Korz, the CEO and CVO of alugha GmbH. Another Arab educational company, Unihance, which will also participate at the Forum, collaborates with alugha and will use it henceforth. The forum will be a big chance to make alugha more popular in the middle east. 

A further role that alugha will play at the Middle East Educational Thought Leadership Forum is that speakers can send their recordings to alugha, where they can be translated into various languages as well as voiceovers are added. In that way, alugha is this time a central partner at the event. 

Everyone who wants to participate in the event can join online. The registration link is here: 

Note: The invitation is free and certificates of attendance will be awarded at the end of the forum to all participants. alugha is looking forward to some interaction with you. 

Was ein großartiges Event!

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