alucation week from 31st January to 6th February 2022

This week alugha is dedicated to alucation. See what awaits you here.

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This week at alugha, it is all about our heart project alucation

What is alucation?

  • alucation is a large multilingual digital classroom.
  • Knowledge of all kinds (e.g. fractions, linguistics, biology, playing the guitar...) is taught in nice videos.
  • As is typical for alugha, this is of course multilingual and barrier-free. 
  • alucation is always open, regardless of language of origin, age, place and time. 
  • alucation videos are not monetised, as education should be free for everyone. 

This week, you can expect

  • exciting documentaries and explanatory videos
  • a contribution on the topic of school and education
  • a classic film

In addition, the alugha team refers to already existing articles about "Videos in the classroom", L.'s stories about her bilingual children in a monolingual school, experiences of a teacher and Gabriella's stories from school.

We look forward to an educational, multilingual week. 






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