Alugha Updates | July 2022 - what's new at alugha?

Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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Sprint #39 (July 5 - July 18)

  • Fix --> AI minutes had shown the "grand total" of AI minutes, instead of per period (month). This was confusing, wasn't it? Well, don't worry about that anymore.
  • Fix--> Users were not able to log in again after not having visited for 24h. Oh, we guess that was mean for you.
  • Fix --> Users could log in before having confirmed their E-mail address. What?! This is absolutely not our philosophy. Anyway...Please confirm it.
  • Fix--> Entering a custom language code in Video info/Add language modal didn't work. What a ghastly bug! Fortunately our smart developpers hunted it and now you can add again any language you want to.
  • Fix --> Trying to log in with Google was stuck at "signing in". Oh no! Anyway, it is flowing again.
  • Fix --> A (vague) error was displayed when trying to set a watchlist thumbnail (that was not yours). This was a bit bizarre, wasn't it?
  • Fix--> The Language menu (in the footer) has not always been visible on smaller screens. This is ghastly, isn't it? alugha without language menu. So glad to have fixed this mean bug.
  • Improvement --> From now on, you receive a notification if the alugha2go voucher is not valid anymore. That's an important update! It was not so nice to be silently ignored, was it?
  • Improvement --> Watchlist categories can now be edited when choosing 'Edit Watchlist'. It is easy to handle and looks like this.

  • Improvement --> You can now hide all successful AI notifications with one click. That's a cool update! Your workflow will be even clearer now.

  • Improvement --> You can now use alugha videos with alugha2go.
    As starting point of your translation job, you can now specify an alugha video too, instead of just specifying a youTube or Vimeo video. That's a nice update! Using alugha2go without being able to use alugha videos...What was that?! So now it is how it should be, isn't it?

  • Improvement --> Online dubbr recorder reworked for better stability, performance, and quality
    The internals of the dubbr recorder were completely reworked for a superior user experience. No more crackling, no more slow downs, just dub away. So easy! Yay!

    Sprint #40 (July 19 - August 1)

  • Fix --> Settings page had shown unsaved changes (even if there weren't any) for recently registered users. This was not so nice, was it? It is fine again.
  • Fix--> When uploading a new audio track via the library, it didn't properly get set. This was a bit of a nuisance, wasn't it?
  • Fix--> Resetting the password page did not show proper errors when trying to set an invalid password. Another nuisance! Anyway, it's gone.
  • Fix--> When creating a Google-based account, the user was not prompted to accept our ToS. What?! Please, accept them.
  • Fix--> Downloading audio/video via the track info did not work in Firefox. What was that?! This was a nuisance for Firefox-Users, wasn't it?
  • Fix --> Voice count fields in the dubbr Wizard were broken. Oh no! Well, it's gone.
  • Improvement --> You can now create a watchlist that generates the RSS link as required for publishing podcasts on AppleMusic, Spotify, etc. That's a cool update! Publishing your multilingual podcast wherever you want. How great is this?

  • Improvement --> You can now use Apple login on alugha. That's a nice update! alugha becomes more compatible.

  • Improvement --> Improved support for longer content
    Before, with long videos (~1h or more), the finalising of tracks could (silently) fail, due to that many segments. Now it is not limited anymore. That's a big update! Making alugha videos as long as you want.
  • Improvement --> Start your embedded video with subtitles: simply add '&sub=langcode' to your embed url like this:


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