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The re-build of our website is moving forward in big steps. Today we like to show you our new press section. There you will find everything you need to inform yourself about us or to write about us.

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You will find the following sites:

Press Releases

Here we are listing all news which are important to us and would like to hand out to you as real press release. Just click here.

Press Reviews

Here you find links to all sites that wrote about alugha. If your article is missing, just tell us and we will add it. Click here to see it.


We like to support you with all neccessary pictures and logos of us and alugha to embed them in your articles. Therefore we put together a little bit of material in different quality. Click here to see them.


alugha is a great project and we have a great team in the backround. Who those individuals are and what they are doing, you can see here. We even built a little easter egg hunt in :-)

Press contact

A project like alugha needs just professionels to "make" it, even our PR. Why only have one intrnal person doing it if you can have a whole team of professionals and enthusiasts? Click here for our press contact.

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