alugha backend with more improvements for producers

So it was important to have each of that audio formats by hand. We enhanced our system now and you have the possibility to upload one of approximately 130 different audio formats onto the server. It is also not necessary anymore to upload two files as till now (you had to upload the mp3 AND the webm always). Once your audio file is uploaded our system will export it into all formats needed to make sure it will run in every common browser.

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We kept the possibility to pre-listen your uploaded audio file in mp3 and webm, so you can approve your self it sounds like you expected. For producers this update means a huge improvement as one save the export, storage and upload the audio track into two different formats. In our case it was around 60 sec per video and language. If you keep in mind, that we did ruffly 70 videos by now with almost 700 at all it is a lot of time we could have saved :) And as usual: After the game is before the game. We are working hard on getting more important and exciting features for you! You did not register for the beta yet? Get on here!

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