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The video has a length of about 2.5 minutes. Of course, the fact alone would be madness for us, but this is about much more than just the 27 languages​​, this shows how much alugha can affect the "resource-behavior" of YouTube. We want to reckon exactly this example  for you.

[As usual, click the globe to change the language of the video]

First we take the length of the video. In Full HD the estimated size of the file would be around 180 MB, the audio (included to the 180 MB) would be ruffly 4.5 MB. Once you uploaded the video YouTube will render and provide the video into 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p and 240p. The complete usage of storage then will be around 320 MB. Now this video have not one language, it comes with 27! This means, we do this 27 times and in the end YouTube needs 8640 MB for the Storage (considering no backups here!).

So we have a storage requirement of 8.6 GB!

Beside the storage requirement we also must keep in mind that there is also traffic to get the video from your locale storage onto the YouTube Servers. In fact this is a lot less than the 8.6 GB YouTube needs to store the file(s) but lets get this amount as well:

180 MB (for the Full HD Video) * 27 (one video for each language) = 4.8 GB!

Now we want to go through the same scenario again, but with alugha:

The first step is about uploading the video with the audio in one language and this won't change with alugha. This means it'll still take 320 MB of storage on YouTube's servers and 180 MB of transferred data to upload the video to YouTube.

We're not going to upload the video 27 more times, we're just going to upload it once and we're also going to upload 26 audio tracks for the other languages to our alugha account. This will take 4.5 MB per language and that gives us a total of 117 MB because we have 26 audio tracks for the 26 languages.

The total storage requirement is now 320 MB for the video on YouTube's servers and 117 MB for the audio tracks. That gives us a total of 437 MB to be stored. Had we uploaded 27 videos just to have different audio tracks for the 27 languages, 8.6 GB would have been needed to store the same video with all the audio tracks. This saves about 8.2 GB of storage and uploaded data and this is all possible thanks to alugha!

On the side of the traffic for the upload it also looks very different. Here we have the 180 MB + 26 * 4.5 MB for each language, the result is 297 MB instead of 4.8 GB. Here we save 4.5 GB!

We believe this is very important and can't be ignored. 100 hours of video footage are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If alugha makes such a big difference for a video which is only 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, don't you think you should try it out?

But there is an equally important aspect for video producers, we must talk about. Of course for ourselves it is very important that we sustainably can positively change the face of the Provider and the "hoster", which in this example is YouTube but what it brings you a video producer?

If you have a video for each language, the video is viewed in the respective languages​​. In the video mentioned the click-through rates of 6.2 million down to 10,000 over all languages. In between we have 1.5 million clicks for German and the rest starts from about 220,000 clicks.

With the successful video (the original version) So, you can easily focus all clicks on a video and then get even 8.5 million clicks on a single video (instead of split to all the 27). Your advertising revenue and ranking in search providing a significant increase. You get with much less effort, more income and a much more popular video.

alugha makes the internet faster, our world greener and you more successful!

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