alugha videos and WordPress - Thanks to the A.R. Video Embedder!

Often, it’s the little things in life that give great pleasure. We’ve been running this blog for a long time now and we’ve published a lot of articles. Whenever we had the opportunity, we directly embedded a video to demonstrate the advantages of alugha. It has always worked like this: you went to a video on alugha and then clicked on the share icon in order to get the embed code. It pretty much looked like this:

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

You also knew and know this code from websites like YouTube, Vimeo and others. But somehow, this is not only “complicated” but also outdated if you assume that websites are opened by many different devices such as desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, 5”, 7”, 14”, 27” …. Retina, FullHD etc. etc. etc. If you take our embed code, you could build your own “Flex DIV Container” around it but for WordPress…? That’s not really a nice way.

How can we solve this problem? One possibility would be: we take a developer from our already very limited resources, pull him off of his alugha tasks and let him write a WordPress plug-in. What? ANOTHER WP plug-in? How many video embedder do there have to be? And why another one for only one platform? That actually doesn’t make any sense and is hardly effective. Besides, we want to focus 100% on aluga to improve our tool with little updates every week.

Since we still don’t expect you to put up with cumbersome embed codes, videos which don’t want to increase in size according to the display size, and the installation of another plug-in, we’ve found a considerably better option. We look for a plug-in which is inherently good already, contribute a patch and ask the developer if he would add the patch. We deliberately chose the A.R. Video Embedder (the A.R. stands for Advanced Responsive) because the plug-in is not only very cool but it also has great features for plenty of other video platforms.

Embedding your videos was a little complicated before but now it is super easy. There are two ways:

  1. Just copy the video’s URL: https :// and it does the rest, or

  2. simply adjust the URL to the platform (yes, we also have that feature in alugha :) ): https ://

On top of that, we also have thumbnails… these are sent automatically from our API to the ARVE as well and they make your embed video even cooler and more beautiful.

That’s it. Everything else does the ARVE for you. No “too small” or “too big” anymore - it just looks cool and is done very fast.

In general, ARVE is free and already offers quite a few features with which you can really do a lot. But if you want to support the developer (and you really should in this case to get this brilliant plug-in further developed) you can spend 15$, 25$ or 50$ (it is up to you how much the support is worth to you) and get a lifelong free version for all websites plus some extra features (click here).

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