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Spoken languages and multilingual videos are certainly our core business. But not only the spoken word is "multilingual", there are more than 80 million deaf people and more than 200 million hard-of-hearing people in the world. With our new update, we introduce a new feature to alugha.

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At alugha, it's very important to us that our platform enables people from all over the world to easily understand and distribute videos in every possible language from producers from all over the world. When there are no "aches and pains", everything can be consumed very easily and quickly. Again and again, we see video players that don't take people with disabilities into account. Even we ourselves are far from having a perfect player but we are constantly working on it to make everyone happy. At the beginning of this year, we released a bigger update for our player and introduced keyboard shortcuts (more here).

14 days ago, we announced that within the next weeks and months, a lot of new features, improvements and fixes will be released. After alugha's switch to CDN (more here), we released the next important update yesterday. Our player now supports subtitles! We've made it possible for deaf and hard-of-hearing people to also "understand" our videos.

But we would not be alugha and a multilingual pioneer if we hadn't some "ulterior motives" in this regard. How to develop your foreign language skills even further? With the alugha player, you can now, for example, listen to a video in your mother tongue to understand the content and then switch to a different language and turn on subtitles in your mother tongue. So you can hear and at the same time read and understand what has been said.

Next week, the next important update for our video producers and authors will be released. Stay tuned! Or even better, create an alugha account, publish your own videos and write your own multilingual articles or comment and be a part of it!

This article has been written by our CEO Bernd Korz. 

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