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The company Akesion is developing a new drug that can significantly reduce abdominal adhesions.

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Sometimes, abdominal surgeries like an appendectomy or a c-section are necessary to save a patient’s life or reduce pain. However, not everyone knows the fact that complications in the form of adhesions often result from these surgeries. Excessive wound healing can cause organs that are normally not connected to stick to one another. As an example, an intestinal loop can attach to the abdominal wall or the uterus. These adhesions occur after more than half of all abdominal surgeries and can also cause chronic pain, infertility or intestinal motility disorder, even years after the initial surgery. One out of ten patients even suffers from life-threatening intestinal obstruction, leading to an immediate emergency surgery. Once the adhesions have formed, they can only be removed by further surgery. In addition to the general risk of every surgery, the repeat surgery can also lead to further adhesions. 

Only ineffective solutions so far

Indeed, it has been tried to prevent adhesions by applying membranes or gels between the surfaces of the wounds. However, these products haven’t proven to be very effective and so they are rarely used. 


The company Akesion is developing a new drug that can significantly reduce the formation of adhesions.  According to Dr. Stephan Witte, co-founder of the Akesion GmbH, “a high unmet medical need in this area exists”, since several million abdominal surgeries are conducted in Europe and the US every year. The new drug easy is to use and has already demonstrated its effectiveness in animal research. Patent applications protect the groundbreaking innovation against competitors, and the company is now planning for the substance to become an approved drug. For that, a defined development and approval process exists. Now, Akesion are looking for partners and investors who support the company in realizing the product, and make abdominal surgery significantly less risky for patients.

The team of Akesion GmbH consists of experienced drug developers who all have many years of experience in developing and approving pharmaceuticals. The alugha team wants to support Akesion in spreading their message by making a multilingual search for potential investors and partners possible. Video, animation, texts, and dubbing are a co-production between Dr. Stephan Witte and the alugha studios. Because adhesions after abdominal surgery can affect all of us, and with the help of Akesion, these surgeries can become significantly less risky soon.


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